3.0 Sorcery Megathread

Even if you are an oil tycoon it will not matter; you miss to purchase one item it is gone. It is timed. You do not grind for a week, there goes the second item.

That is FOMO.


Sorcery – its based on being sinister and evil. I think that’s great. It fits the lore with Conan. My only issue is… will we see evil Sorcerer NPCs in the game now? I hope so. Evil sorcerers and their towers of doom would make great villains.

That being said, I don’t think its an aspect of the game I want to play (as far as acquiring or using with my main character). I like playing good guys. Can we please get a developed, anti-slavery rescue system (more than just what we get on Siptah)?

The new Perks and Abilities overhaul looks awesome. I can’t wait to hear more about it on the 21st.

And thank you for the updated UI for crafting. I’m also looking forward to hear the details on that, too.


It’s not about people struggling to purchase content. It’s about the predatory practice of how it’s being handled. Everyone here wants to support Funcom, but in a fair, and moral way. We’re all excited for the additional content. That’s not the issue. The issue is the switch in monetization and how the industry is switching to this predatory model.

And to be clear, the Funcom Dev Team has nothing to do with how the game is monetized. That is a decision generally made for and by investors. We have nothing but love and support for the Dev Team.


Not the one in Rocket League. It’s like 90 days long and has 70 levels (it goes higher than 70 but the items are just different colors). I’ve had days where just 30 mins of play gained me 5 levels. They also have credits for some levels. If you reach lvl 110 (IIRC) you have enough credits to get the next season’s pass. I know from friends I’m not the only player that has bought the very first pass and used credits ever since for all the other passes.

Hence, only the devs know right now how it’s going to be set up in CE. Gotta wait a few days to find out. There are enough reasons to stress in life, without stressing over what might not be. If you’re in the USA, spend tomorrow with your dad for Father’s Day. Years from now when he’s gone, you’ll remember times spent with him and you’ll have totally forgotten about this topic. So, it’s not important enough to stress over…

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Been beating that drum for forever.

Is it weird that I always play “the good guy” but still use evil elements? Like, Guild Wars 2. Main class, Necromancer. You would think somebody who summons undead and stuff would be evil, and yet, I gottsa save the world, ya know? Of course Guild Wars 2 is largely a linear story, but its not like I would have played as much as I did if I was forced into an evil storyline as a Necromancer or whatever.

So by extension, I probably am not going to have too much trouble with a system that is supposed to be “evil.” But yes, please, add some good guy elements to the game too!


Correct, hopefully Funcom implements them in a fair and moral way. And we can all enjoy it. But bringing up these valid concerns hurts no one and makes Funcom aware that individuals are aware.


From what i uderstand, those are cosmetic pieces. Meaning you dont need them. Confusing want and need is a terrible way to judge a businesses goods. I dont need Jordans to play basketball. I want them because they look cool. Same here.


The point was not stressing over this, the parental figure usage was just away to point out there’s more important things. But hey, as an old hippie once taught me, “You do you man”. I’m out.


I’m willing to hear Funcom out on the BattlePass and in-game store monetization. However, with them adding in-game purchases, I’d expect a much faster response to bug fixes as a result.


After everything I’ve seen here and the leak I’ve seen.
I’m for a Battlepass as long as it doesn’t come up every month and players have enough time to fulfill it.

As I play every day it will not be a problem for players like me to earn this one.

Of course, I hope that our servers will not suffer and that there will finally be a multifunctional map that you are on one server but can still travel to the other map without leaving your own server.

So it would be possible to implement many of the presented mods for Console.


But that makes it perfect.
Evil Sorcery fueled by Evil Microtransactions!

Joking aside, until this one sees the monetization, battle pass, challenges and it’s specifics, judgement is reserved. This one’s only knee jerk is against possible limited time availability.

Transmog is in, that was a requested feature. There seems to be a flying mount or at least a demon glider. The new building menu looks so much more elegant. Also, so many new cosmetics.
Hard for this one to get angry.

Will this shake up PvP.
Most likely, and the teeth gnashing has already started.


4 perk levels on the vitality and it looks like levels 2 and 4 have options on which one one get.

Flying bat transport! I feel vindicated!..except I really hate the way it’s done…hanging there like a fool. Ah well begger something something chooser something something.
Necromancy is going to be interesting since there is a version in game already. Two different or will they move the original to this new way?
Oh so many questions over the future of dlc and battle pass.

Agree with you there.

Server ques make more sense now, as I imagine more people playing to level up their BP to unlock things. This means everyone out doing the same challenges. If a server is quite popular, this will create scarcity. What I mean by that is, during the video, I did see challenges where one was “Defeat Mountain Goats 0/10”.

R.I.P goats…


Jimbo… that is so crammed full of logical fallacies, there isn’t a single speck of room left over for truth.

Predatory monetization isn’t just something that actually exists, it is something that the particularly evil companies actively study to better exploit people. Mobile games are rife with these practices, which is why incredibly stupid games are still raking in boatloads of cash.

People do not make decisions completely at random, they can and absolutely are manipulated into spending more money. Anyone who has the right personalities are vulnerable - especially if they do not understand the predatory systems they are involving themselves with.


That was the point. Meet hyperbole with hyperbole. I’m tired of wasting energy trying to explain something to someone who keeps moving the goalpost further and further


To be honest, I’m all for multimaps.
Because that way there could still be enough servers for new players and you wouldn’t have to play on two or maybe even more if new maps come.
So you only need one server to play on but you could use the advantages of all maps.

On the server I play on there are almost only regular players.
The team of regular players consists of 30 active players, from time to time new players are added, but they also disappear quickly because the best places are already occupied by the regular team and they quickly lose interest in our server. (Official Server)

Our server is now exactly 4 years and 1 month old.
So it would be practical to add multi maps.
The players who have been playing there for so long, like me, have the same wish, we often talk because some are not in the forum.
We help each other and even trade with each other and exchange information.

But that’s just the wish of us few players.
And no matter how FC will decide on this matter.

We will definitely remain loyal to the FC team.

Friends, please, would a PvP server not be a better venue for less than civil exchanges?

Besides, we are discussing hypotheticals at this point. Let’s wait until we see what the situation actually is before we start going after one another?

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I’m sooo excited for this update and I have so many questions about the sorcery and how it’s going to change the PvP game, in particular, how has the base building game changed? Just how powerful is sorcery going to be and how do we defend our bases against a clan of magic users jacked up on corruption?? I’m looking forward to finding out for myself in game when the update drops but I guess for now we’ll wait until the 21st to find out more.

The spells we’ve seen so far look awesome! We got to see some kind of ice bridge, a lightning spell, invisibility and some kind of AoE tornado spell, the invisibility spell in particular I have questions about, I like to play as a sneaky thief, scouting out bases and finding weaknesses in their structure before I attack, the only problem I have with that at the moment is that enemy players can see my health bar pop up from a mile away, I’m hoping with invisibility it takes away my health bar so I can properly be invisible.

As for the ritual side of things… Necromancy, undead mounts, another fast travel system, teleport pads, and transmog through illusion (Yuss!), I hope the undead we can summon aren’t just piles of bones that can be easily pushed over, I’d like to see the ability to create very powerful undead monstrosities and other things that you’ll just hate to see in an enemies base. I want to know more about how transport via bat works, are tower/pillar bases no longer safe? Is anti-climb going to be a thing of the past now? The teleport pads are also interesting, will the enemy also be able to use my transport pads or is it somehow locked to the clan who places them?

The corruption system and perk changes are refreshing, from what I could see of the new perk changes (the ones we could see anyway) they are adding a bit more versatility to how you play the game in regards to your relationship with your followers and how healing/damage mitigation is dished out, maybe now we as the player will actually feel like the champion instead of our overpowered followers?

New UI system looks really nice and way easier to use and I appreciate them taking gamepad users into consideration.

As for the battle pass, I love this game so much and with the amount of hours I’ve sunk into this game I’m more than happy to sink money into it if it means supporting Funcom so they can keep putting stuff out.


This is what I misunderstood about server transfers while it was on testlive. I thought it was a way to warp between both maps so I could use one character to play on both EL and IOS. I was disappointed in learning I was incorrect in my assumption.

For me, having the ability to use one character to play on both maps would be a huge win in my eyes. So, count me among the few.

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Question for Funcom: How do Entertainer thralls affect Sorcery after 3.0?

Currently, Entertainers help the player remove corruption. But if players want to be ‘all powerful sorcerers’ they need more (not less) corruption. The more corruption they get, the more powerful they become. Will Entertainers remove that corruption to “weaken” sorcerers? Will entertainer thralls be ‘weaponized’ against sorcerers? Does that mean sorcerers do not want entertainer thralls in their own bases (because they will ‘tame the beast’)?

And similarly, can standing in an area that produces corruption (like places in the Unnamed City or an Obelisk) enable a ‘would be’ sorcerer to level up their corruption super fast?