3.0 Sorcery Megathread

Just posting so that this thread doesn’t die, there’s so much more to come it would be a shame to let all of this go away.


Thanks for the save. I’m working on a writeup for more currently, but irl has been in the way this week. I’m gonna be touching on the snowglobe theory, and how it ties the two maps together


This forum soooo needs a “LOL” button besides the heart!


Its not bullying. I just point out how bad the console versions have become due to choices made by FC.

Console players are almost extinct. It is only a fact.

And if magic is not required to fix CE console, then why havent FC devs done it yet?

And as far as the ’ abomination ’ is concerned, noone is demanding FC ‘fix this immediately’. It has been almost 4 years of bad choices that have led console to its current state. It will not be fixed overnight. It will require more time than ever as new content is added and new bugs develop. The new content can also change the parameters of any bug reports submitted before release. And can make any work done to fix the previous versions bugs void.

FC has slowly deteriorated CE console by their own action. It is at a state many people feel is the beginning of its ending. Too bugged up to fix. Too much $ to be made by adding dlc. It will only get worse if FC chooses to continue with its neglect.

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In a recent developer video FC stated the “the majority” of Conan Exile customers were on Console. I think that was the lead game designer so it’s likely true. ~=just saying=~


That may be the case.

CE has been on game pass for months now. Its free. Players do download and try it out. They get to experience the bugs and how the game currently runs. Then they quit.

Existing players have either gone into log to refresh or simply quit due to the years of neglect.

If FC calls all the quitters, ‘customers’, then prehaps that statement is correct. Millions of downloads, thousands of players. That means they are not staying.

If FC believes console is the majority of its clients, then why leave us hanging with bugs as old as the game its self? 2.7 on the way. Thralls still broken from 2.3. That means in 4 patches, FC did not succeed. In that time they added 2 dlc packs, the new castle stuff and IoS; which broke thralls.

Yeah, I dunno but I think what you’re talking about is interesting so not sure why your posts are getting flagged - seems strange. Are there lists online that show the number of “active” players for consoles and/or PC? If not then where are you getting this? If yes post up a link, I wanna see.

AFAIK this isn’t a banned or even taboo topic. If I’m wrong I’m sure a forum moderator will correct us sooner rather than later.

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Steamcharts is the closest, and obviously it only shows players playing on Steam (you can get the game on GamePass and Epic now for PC). Steamcharts is also unofficial data. There is no console data to be analyzed.

The user you are engaging with isn’t known for posting factual information, quite the opposite. There is ZERO evidence to show their claims, but that won’t stop them.

For example, their claim that “Thralls still broken since 2.3” (whatever that means), and that they have released 2 “DLC packs” + “new castle stuff (People of the Dragon)” and Isle of Siptah. So the person is claiming that 3 DLC packs and the Isle of Siptah has been released, Since 2.3?

2.3 was released March of 2021. Isle of Siptah was officially released May 27th, 2021. Since 2.3 there has been 1 DLC, People of the Dragon. They got that part right, but this is where they decide to flat out lie for the sake of their narrative.

Prior to People of the Dragon, the last DLC, Architects of Argos was released May 7th, 2020.

So, where is those other 2 DLC’s that have been released since 2.3?


People of the dragon. IoS, Argosian. 3 dlcs that came out AFTER thralls turned to crippleheads.

I go by the players list. And the server list thay shows slots used in official servers. Thats where i DONT see people, in game. Those that start rarely make it past a noob river SS 10 x 10 before giving up after losing things to bugs, they took time to gather.

I feel the fact i have tried to get FC to make a clear statement regarding testing, is coming off like i am a wild eyed madman. I have to theorize, as FC says nothing. Only the regular defenders have stated anything. Thats 3rd party information by the time i get it. Links to previous FC posts or statements claim tey do test patches. How valid is that information when each patch catches tje dev team by surprise with game halting bugs? When i cannot log in, as the first new bug i encounter after a new patch, how was that not found during testing? If the test team cannot log in then how did they test any thing at all? There is a problem at FC. Ignoring it and wishing it away like children does nothing.

Lol, wow. Even after showing the data, you double down. Not even going to read past the first sentence.

At any rate, you mind taking your daily “Funcom sux” rant somewhere else, and not trying to derail every thread possible? This thread is meant to talk about lore and discussing the upcoming 3.0 update.


Xbox was starving for server stability. Many people threatened to not purchase any further dlc. IoS was in the oven. Big stability patch was released for console immediately prior to IoS release. Took over seven months for FC to create the stability patch. Completed it just before IoS. Thralls turned sour and a few other bugs were added. Not to mention the absolure worst lag experience i have even seen on CE. Buy IoS Kids! We fixed the servers!

Except the stability issues were fixed at the cost of much lag in every element of play… 2 more dlc packs were released since then. More content added. The stability fix lag issue is still present. Combat is a joke. Invisible npcs. No noc stagger effects. Thralls wont help, too busy looking the other way or just flatout disappearing. . Cant run away cause anybodys build lahs the server, you get pinned on things that are not there and killed during the lag pause.

Console CE sucks. Cant wait for 3.0…hooray.

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Back to the thread topic…
I for one am weary of magic in CE. I have played on some modded privates that have a form of magic. And boy is it OP. So much so with thralls that you can have a T2 “armed” with it and just watch them destroy bosses. Now I know that mods typically are a balancing nightmare, And rarely c9nsider the impact ti core game, but this experience tied with how archery has always been 8n a nerf state to maintain balance, I don’t know how they can implement something both usable and balanced. Ranged combat (magic) will always pull from the lore of melee Conan should be about.


By the steam data it looks like an average of about 8k logins per day for the past 3 months straight. And for the 6 months prior to that the average (disregarding the DLC release-time bumps) was about 11k per day. But this follows the 3 year pattern almost perfectly… Early summer months see about a 4k or 5k increase and then in late fall it falls off by about the same till winter is over - with spikes for the DLC releases and major updates by the looks of it.

Yeah, the bit about it being off topic is right for sure… this is off topic for this thread. But that’s my fault I think - I egged it on (asked questions) - sorry! I’ll stop. :innocent:


I just hope the Sorcery fits the Conan Novels in someways scope and others personal cost to use it. I believe the corruption system being used for somewhat covers the personal cost side, but the scope would be the tipping point in my opinion. Let me be crystal clear, I don’t mind (in fact encourage it) magic in this game, hellI I would like to see the religion system also given some love in this area.

I think giving this game world of warcraft and others like them style spells would be a huge mistake and insult the source material the game comes from. Magic in Conan is dark, mysterious, and often-times selfdefeating in many ways. I hope they preserve this .


If you want to talk about individual expectations, I had a lot of them when Funcom used to talk about Sorcery. When you’re putting together a solid team, it’s kind of enticing to think of people who might have different tracks, say archery. Mine is a sneaky b*stard warrior track, and I can do cavalry. But what about the people who want to show up in combat and purposefully deflate themselves so that they can wield sorcery?

Must be Half Corrupted. Your STR attribute is halved but your AGI is doubled. Your ranged weapon comes from you, and is influenced by ACC, in the form of tossable Ice Balls (orbs) all the way up to Lightning Hands. You must learn spells to unlock them. Your character is withered and consumes more resources. [Think of God of War when Kratos freezes enemies with Medusa’s head…]

The Sorcerer is somewhat harder to kill, and enemies can try to heal your corruption which will lessen your magick.

This would welcome the players who want to inhabit the castle and potentially help fight enemies or bosses.


Good morning everyone except WeWantImprovements. Please keep your game dead crying to the designated game dead crying threads please, some of us actually want to talk about future content and lore here


I really like this sort of idea. Many sorcerers in the stories draw their power from some relic or object, and destroying or taking it leaves them powerless. High risk, high reward is definitely a good way to go


I’m going to be a contrarian and speculate that it’s NOT sorcery. Rather, it’s a new map coupled to a new unreal 5 client with such radical changes to gameplay that it’s basically a whole new game. It’s called DLC but it’s basically a sequel.

But really, it’s probably sorcery. Given that there’s a soup you can craft to remove corruption and a drink you can craft to give corruption, it’s likely that sorcerers will have to manage/consume corruption to do their magic. It would be an interesting style of play to manage, particularly if more powerful sorcery consumes more corruption.

Only way you are going to see a Conan Exiles on UE5 is with an actual sequel. And since that isn’t coming anytime soon, if ever, best to just let that pipe dream go. Maybe in 10 years when a UE6 becomes a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Why doesn’t Funcom upgrade to UE7???”