3.0 Sorcery Megathread

Given that certain members of my clan would rather try to stab him while I’m nearly dying trying to capture some Sep thralls, yeah, there are decidedly some of us who are NOT on Conan’s side.

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Well, my memory sucks, lol. (What’s worse is I read that story within the last few months…). Thanks for correcting that :slight_smile:

If this thread’s speculations are entirely inaccurate, what does that take out of the equation?

Sorcery, of course.
I think someone mentioned a map expansion and/or new Faction/Religion?

While I’m curious as to what this most major of changes is going to be, I do feel a little wind out for the sails with confirmation that it’s not what’s been discussed so heavily.

It absolutely does count. If they were hardline REH only, we wouldn’t have Siptah at all. No volcano either, and many other elements would be missing. Canon is a lot larger and a lot murkier than it would first seem. I was actually referring to REH’s works though. Pelias helps Conan, and Mitra also aids him in the original works.


Whoa slow your role there. Who said that? All they said was I didn’t guess 3.0. That doesn’t mean everything I’ve said is false.

Was this the same someone who said my thread isn’t accurate? I’d love to know who’s saying all these things…

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I believe they were listing things that have been mentioned and therefor cannot be in 3.0 because nobody has guessed correctly yet. So sorcery is out, new map is out, religion is out, siege improvements has also been brought up, so that is out.

It could be a major change to how thralls work and interact with the world. Such as being able to set up patrols or other autonomous tasks. Especially if making the world feel more alive is an objective.
However, they said 3.0 would be massive, and I don’t think a thrall rework, unless it was the full settlement system they had once envisioned, would be big enough. I don’t think the game has gotten sufficiently optimized for that type of thing yet though, so it seems unlikely.

Things like the Grave Matters event alone, such as a random world boss event, doesn’t really seem big enough either. Rather, events must only be a part of it.


I did not mean offense.
From what I gathered, none of the things mentioned in this thread are going to be in 3.0
Sorcery was the primary topic, but others, such as a map expansion and combat system shake up were mentioned.
I was only trying to get a full list of what is not going to be in 3.0

I don’t think NPCs having facial hair was mentioned in this thread, perhaps finally having bearded Vanir is the massive change they hinted at…

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Total agreement. As I once mentioned (a long time ago on a thread far far away), CE is itself a part of the broader canon - and unless someone is going to insist on pure REH canon (which doesn’t make sense given what is in the game), then CE canon is of equal weight to any other) (especially given the licenses Funcom holds).

Damn, seems my memory is worse than I thought. Even after BoogerParty pointed out that I meant Pelias not Tsotha-Lanti, I still thought that was from deCamp. I don’t remember Mitra aiding him in the REH stuff at all - vaguely remember a girl pretending to be the avatar of a goddess, and Conan using her to change his enemies plans - and then some sort of deity getting involved - is that the Mitra bit? Or am I totally jumbling a few incidents?

The Phoenix on the Sword

Mitra directly enlists Conan to save Khoraja from Thugra Khotan in Black Colossus

Pelias is from The Scarlet Citadel


Oh yeah, I do remember the Phoenix on the sword - that’s all the stuff where he meets Epimetreus. I’ll have to go back and read Black Colossus and Scarlet Citadel again (what a shame :wink: )

I’ve got all the REH novellas on an audiobook, and I just listened to this story the other day. I’m enjoying listening to them while playing CE. I like how each story is complete alone and don’t need to be read/heard in any particular order (especially since they aren’t written in chronological order). Are the books by other authors the same way? Just stand alone stories that don’t referrence previous ones?

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Some definitely work that way. A few authors have tried to create their own little trilogies or the like within the wider run.

The most obvious ones that do fit that mold are the early additions (and completions of REH’s unfinished stories) from L Sprague deCamp, Lin Carter and/or Bjorn Nyberg. There are various problems with some of these (though I’d argue a lot of it just comes down to lesser writers trying to add to the works of one that was much better at it), but they do a decent job of slotting into the timeline without needing much extra context.

Some of my favourites are Robert Jordan’s books; they don’t require the others to have been read, though a few characters pop up in more than one of them

Andrew Offutt’s Skelos stuff seems to follow an arching plot across his three books (though I don’t remember how important it was to the individual stories - mostly because I don’t find him to be a good writer outside of Thieves World)

Roland Green I’ve only read one from, but it seemed more like he brought across a few characters, but you didn’t have to know what happened before

There’s others I’m sure I’ve forgotten. But the point is that, for the most part, you should be fine with them in pretty much any order - you’ve already got the context from the REH stuff, the others mostly just try to slot in to some extent. Quality, however, is variable. Don’t expect everything to be as good as REH. You may well find some that you really enjoy, but you’ll probably also find some to be noticeably inferior to the originals.


I thought it had already been established that 3.0 was a Dating Sim addon with visual novel elements… thought that was common knowledge

Conan Exwaifus™️


Mods for consoles and crossplay between all platforms. That will be the big 3.0… I hope :blush:



#1 Revamp of Horses and thralls.
To be less RNG on RNG, with RNG, on RNG…and sprinkle of RNG. Not full blown choice picks, but some better custom options.
Then making hidden modifier a visual stat. So people stop trying micro manage stats. (since modifier matters more)
Horses… Saddles that do stuff, and adding Stamina Stat.

Toss in Foods that Buff (Horse Grains) chances of certain perks, or overhauling Perks to be pick and choice (equip and remove) Need a Horse to be a Mule? Swap in Perks that add 5 slots. Or stam regen…
Player gonna meta it to hell and back anyway… might as well make it custom.

#2 Them NOT Finishing Mummy of Set, and Ignoring it in 3.0, maybe even 4.0.

#3 Sorc… Big IF… BUT!
I do expect major, forum breaking disappointment… cause of the LORE. And those not aware of Lore, will find its like lt not what they thought it was.
I’m more personal to bending Lore, cause Fun > Gameplay > Lore

#4, My base for the 10th time, will break and decay upon Log In.

#5 Stables Fence with Pillars will still offer zero Stability in 3.0. And not allow my to use them as needed…

#6 Skimpy Outfits Drop 2. Cause… ya, I need more. >_> Silver Thong? A Girl who wants more Skimpy? Yes, Gimmie Gimmie.

#7, By some strange miracle. Sera gets what she wants… Its Crazy I know… What does Sera Want?
If I told you… it would surely never happen!
(aquilonian light armor…with out armor… I saw thumb nail when they first show it, and have been dieing to get that item. Thou How it turned out is fine)

#8 CrossBows return.

#9 Single Player Limitations are removed, and now Online/Server Only. And I can go back to build were ever I **** Please.

#10, 3.0 fixes several of bugs from 2.1, and fix the fix from later patch, that didn’t fix patch of patch for that patch. Which in Turns requires 3.1 Patch to fix that Patch, and then long wait for 3.2. XD
Which removes Sorcery, Cause PVP found exploit…and ruins it for PVE again. =p

#11, Custom thrall, (without the “s”) Cause…I want it. And making a Thrall look how you want would be nice. If Limited. (Not everyone uses Mods or has access to it)


#12 Thrall outfits for Crafter thralls, ether as a “Whole” or ability to change each one.
I get memory issue… hence why you pick “set outfits” they can have. So I can remove those blasted Turbans and Aprons…


The adoption of mod content, such as “customizimg thralls” would not be worthy of a major update.
3.0 should be the biggest update for Conan exiles so far. If modders introduce such features, something like this shouldn’t pose a problem for the dev team - something like this would at best be worthy of a small update, e.g. 2.8.
In addition to the improvement of important features and bug fixes, I expect several new features and, above all, a big new topic. If it’s not sorcery, what is it?
A few more features would do the game good:

  1. living waters (attacking fishes and other seamonsters)
  2. Ships to build, to travel and to fight
  3. More mounts, especially Camel mounts for the deserts or elephants as mounts
  4. Riding thralls
  5. changing npc environments - you cant expect the same animals and npcs at the same point - they should change
  6. Carriages to use, war wagons
    ……:sweat_smile: I better stop here

I like your tea leaves

In light of new info I guess I’ll do some speculatin’ of my own - my guess is going to be them trying to leverage their new content designer to:

  • implement some sort of quasi-Radiant Event spawn system a la skyrim’s world map
  • possibly introduce more story quest type things

And for pure absolute wishful thinking on my part:

  • possible realization of the long dropped ‘city-life’ systems they talked about which originally sold me on the EA

Razma-Chan - “Darthphysicist-Kun, Conan-Senpai won’t let me venture into the Wine Cellar alone! Pwease come with me so we can slay together!”

    • “Of course, Raz-Chan, you know you can always count on me…”
    • “But Raz-Chan, why are you wearing that outfit?”
    • “Nani?!”

Save/Load - Settings - Screenshot - Exit


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