3.0 Sorcery Megathread

Good day, such a question, how long you will do 3.0 because judging by your updates, we have to wait another year for this update?

It’s been one month since the last update. We’re on 2.7 now, where do you get your math from?

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I just see how often they release updates, about every 1.5-2 months

Then, at that rate, they should release 6-8 updates per year. You think we are 6-8 updates away from 3.0?

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Again, just because the big update is 3.0 does not necessarily mean that there has to be a 2.8 nor a 2.9, they could go straight to 3.0, but that would be extremely surprising.


This curveball from Dennis did at least narrow down the list of possibilities a lot. A few interesting tidbits I gathered from interviews and devstreams is that he said 3.0 will be unbelievable or we would probably not believe it, so I kinda jumped in on the sorcery hype as sorcery in conan exiles has become sort of a myth or wishful thinking over the years and sorcery as a concept in it of itself is kind of unbelievable to begin with, so I took it for like some play on words.

The 2.6 devstream, where we got most of the information about 3.0, was at october the 15th. In this devstream they told us that already then almost all resources was being to put into 3.0, so it hss been in development for at least 3 months. It was also mentioned to be massive and most likely the biggest update ever. Don’t know if he counted isle of siptah into this, but if it’s bigger than siptah and not a new map then they must be adding alot of meat to the existing game with 3.0. This also got backed up by Matt, Funcoms new lead content designer, in Pixelcaves youtube interview, where he stated that the team felt Conan Exiles now has a good foundation and its time to make the world feel more alive, and that the map responds more to your actions.

When asked about animation work in the 2.6 devstream he said that the animation team is working on 3.0, and more spesifically the 3.0 “feature” in singular. When he said the word feature it kind of rules out a few things that could be coming.

As he said a feature and it requires animation work I kind of want to rule out:

  • Console mods
  • Crossplay
  • UE5

Unless these systems come as well, could be, it is a massive patch after all.
So what features are unbeliveable and not already mentioned in this thread:

  • UE5 just because its so unbelievable i will keep it here even tho I kind of ruled it out above.

  • Complete rework of the story and how it plays out in the game.

  • Settlement system - This one is unbelieveable because of AI in this game. If you send one of your workers out to chop some trees, that boy is never coming home again.

  • They somehow found a way to make The Exiled Lands expandable

Other than this there isnt that much really unbelievable content they could add really.

When asked about adding more indepth multi layered dungeons they had no spesific plans for that, but he kind of wanted to talk about something coming with 3.0, but stopped himself, maybe a new main quest line that takes you through some awesome new places?


I hope they translate the game to UE5

I watched Wak’s video of him going over his discussion with Dennis and Dennis had said no one has guessed correctly yet. (at that time).

Maybe it is reworking the crafting thralls? There are so many crafting thralls that are useless. T1-3, why bother? Any but an Archpriest is not worthwhile and religion hardly serves any purpose PvE wise outside of RP.

The trend of last year seemed to be revamping combat and animations. Maybe onto the survival aspects or cooking/crafting.

Bringing more dynamics events and life to the existing maps is my most likely guess.


Maybe the big update is that weapon combo animations will be different based on the one that came before it. So, for example, the 3rd one handed axe light attack will be different depending on whether or not it was preceded by a heavy or a light attack.

I really like the combat system in CE but I rarely have any reason to switch between heavy and light attack chains. It’s all heavy unless I’m running low on stamina or need to not move around as much. So basically, it’s all HHHH or LLLL.

Give HLLLL a try with short swords.

I do like the idea that other weapon classes could get a few other “special moves”. Not necessarily each attack chaining differently, but a specific combo being very different from static versions.

This seems to be the best bet.

It makes sense in the sense of ‘making it feel more alive.’ I was going over in my mind how the event played out and the systems behind it what kind of future applications they could have.

Naturally one immediate thought is a dynamic event spawn system and it could even possibly be used to insert more story based events. Something that wouldn’t necessarily be tied to any single location so you’d have to break that into two categories - location dependent and location agnostic. The agnostic events could include things like coming across specific npcs/groups, finding quest related items. Stuff like that.

As far as city-life stuff, it continues to be wishful thinking on my part. I love building. I will build all sorts of buildings for thralls like bunkhouses. I still wish for it to be more than just set-dressing as it is now, though.

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With the event system, I wonder if they could add more “quests” to the game.


Something else I thought of, they could be increasing the max player level and rebalancing attribute perks and feats.

I’m not sure if something like that would be called “massive,” but I’m pretty sure nobody suggested it yet.


This please!!! I recently tried AoC for the first time in a long while. I loved the quests they have (not so crazy about the overcrowding of hostile mobs in certain areas). Would love to see quests added to base game.

Btw, does anyone know a mod that adds quests? I’ve found plenty that add quest items, but not the actual quests.

It technically does have one major quest in the Exiled Lands. After you awaken the Staff you find in the Dredges, you get directions to gather the relics you need to escape the Exiled Lands.

It has hilarious voice acting, too.


What? Non sequitur detected. Sandbox games can have quests.

They said they want the lands to feel more like a lived in place, people offering bounties or payment for tasks (“quests”) would fit that objective.


I don’t disagree with you, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Funcom added more “theme park” content simply to draw in more players. There are a lot of them out there that want less sand boxy content.

Something of a bummer if that’s it. I’m still hoping for an overhaul to raiding, a rework of the food/drink system and that weapon combo re-work I mentioned earlier.

Funny enough, same here. Never would’ve started in EA if this wasn’t an early tagline.