3.0 Speculation Megathread - Please Read Introduction

At first I didn’t even recognize it, but yeah that is pretty spot on. Shalidor’s looking a bit sexier lately

Come on Funcom, give us something. Anything !


May 20 has passed and now we are waiting for 30 when the winners of the costume contest are announced

and they’ll tell you that you have to wait a little longer.

They could be aiming for the Memorial Day weekend next week.

Assuming they tell us anything, at this rate that’s a long shot.

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I believe that is only a Holiday weekend for us Americans. Dont know if that plays into anything they would schedule.

I am very sure that they will announce 3.0 on may 30 together with the fashion contest winners.

Not a holiday here in Brazil. I’m starting to think they don’t have nothing at all. If they do, i’ve never seen a worst marketing strategy like that my entire life lol. If they have something concrete, thats not the approach at all.

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they only did that cause they knew we were waiting for some news at the anniversary. Since thats nothing new since 2.8, would be not cool just to say “hey, happy anniversary! Take 2x event and beauty event! We are done now!”

That would be a very big Oof :neutral_face:

Funcom has always erred on the side of opaqueness when it comes to updates.
By now it’s a meme. In their teaser video they even drew attention to it.

This one supposes someone in marketing thinks it somehow builds tension or excitement. But the little fragmented bits at the end of the extremely short anniversary video was not really sufficient.
That little tid bit should have been the sort of thing we are getting trickled on a monthly if not weekly basis.

There’s a difference between teasing and enticing without revealing and letting the community lanquish and offering a thimble to those dying of thirst.
The former is good marketing, the latter is almost an insult.

However, this is the SOP for the company.
We are, after all, talking about a team that thought “none of your guess are right!” And leaving it at that was considered an update.


That part is what made me chuckle. Over 500 comments on this thread and they said not one theory was right?

I’m usually pretty positive minded, but I have some doubts.


Back when they said it, there weren’t 500 posts yet, this thread was still in its infancy.

At the time they said no one had guessed yet, the theories were sorcery, new map, religion rework, and siege improvements.

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There was also talks around in other threads at the time about things like the settlement system and thrall reworks, so it’s really up in the air what it could be

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Can you imagine if they kinda created a hype so much more bigger than what they’ve planed? oh jesus, it will be a mess

As far as I am aware, I was the first person to bring up the settlement system as a possibility for 3.0, and that was right after the “no one guessed yet” stream.

haha I’m kinda half expecting that to be the case, I know the update is gonna be big but we’ve been theorizing so many amazing ideas that when 3.0 drops I’m a little worried that people are setting themselves up for disappointment and are just going to end up complaining… again… but let’s be honest no matter how great a job funcom does people will always find something to complain about :expressionless:

you’re probably right. I’ll try to picture “ordinary” stuff for the 3.0 like “knock on the door” emote, weapon damage based on specific attributes, things like that. Guess it will be less painful lol

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I’m starting to think the “no one has guessed it” comment was made just to confuse people and 3.0 actually is one of the suggestions made here.

Imagine them saying “yep, you guys got it, we’re bringing the settlement system, you just have to wait another 6 months”.

Whatever it is, they have been working on it for a very long time now, but only they themselves know how close it is to being done. It could still be a long time away and that makes me excited and a bit worried at the same time. After this much development time it really should be something BIG.

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