But also note it makes pvp less rewarding and makes all other armour useless since it becomes BiS

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I guess the only mitigating factor is you need to be corrupted to make it, which will make you a worse fighter. So you need teamwork. A sorcerer to give the armour to a warrior. It’s not much of a restriction though. That really does sound like a lot of armour for a light piece :neutral_face:

Incorrect. In it’s current state, you can just clean off instantly upon summoning it and use it uncorrupted. Keep a dancer by your circle and you’re golden


Oh so no mitigating factor then.

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Basically. Once you get past the material cost to unlock it, which is only a one time investment of a few hours tops on a character, it’s dirt cheap to get top tier gear on demand

That makes me sad, because I was hoping after the update I’d see more variety in armour in PVP.


Minions and dark voodoo that you do so well.

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You cant give it to somebody else and you can eat hears of hero to clense it


Honestly the circle needs a really long cools down state and alot more expensive for everything in it and make that armor only max give 300 armor. Im not mad at it currently but its too strong atm and dirt cheap…

The nice thing is now, archery is agility based so you dont have to sink points into accuracy and have no melee benefit. Agility melee weapons combined with archery seem to be the way to look at it. Archery alone I agree will not be OP.


Abyssal armour needs to go. 1100 armour in light armour with the best stats on it lol.

at the very least make it a heavy armour. requires a heavy padding soo only makes sense.

DR is calculated differently now.

Edit: I think its av/(av+500) instead of +250

It’s a significant problem when a set of light armour gives 15% more damage reduction than the next best set you can wear while it also provides 10% Strength weapon damage and Agility weapon damage per piece among other stats.

Not to mention abyssal armour is basically free to craft. Nope no problems to see here.

Well I didnt say it didnt need adjusting. I’m just pointing out that the raw numbers for av are not what they were.

Its also worth pointing out that stamina loss for each weight class have been adjusted, so light vs medium in terms of mobility isn’t the downgrade it once was.


I did numbers testing ill upload a video update about them soon

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I’ve been thinking of the abyssals…how about items from hell require sacrifice and so you loose health (@AndyB blood for the blood god) when using or wearing these items of the infernal? That would make it a bit more balanced for pvp and PvE.

nah make it heavy armor and call it a day tbf increase the cost