Make it medium. Right now there’s practically use for them. Maybe this armor could change that…

Medium already has good armor


I think we need to make each item of this armor gives 10% permanent coruption. That way people can replace some. And maybe this will make the builds with coruption better… because right now they’re pretty weak.

For which game mode? Could you give an example?

pvp and sobec is nice atm

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Everyone in this thread acting like they’re not simply going to try to spear meta despite better options. :laughing:

Admittedly I’m being slightly facetious.

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I can tell without any doubt what so ever that the drop rate for volatile glands is way, way lower than before.

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What can I say? Agility 20 perk is the official favorite perk of spear roll poke crowd.

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Well i mean everyone says something about poke roll but that it what combat in melee is with every weapon not just spear but some how spear is always targeted for it


Spear is the most effective pole and roll weapon,
Majority of fights we simply use 1-2 and roll or step forward/away.
People bring spear up cuz it’s the star child of poke and roll.
Your own pvp 3.0 testing video features the roll tactic in almost every encounter, be it npc or other player, especially other player.

what other defense is there? when you are about to take damage and get staggered rolling is the only option esp against aim bot thralls there is no blocking or side steps that give i frames


But it’s not about thralls.
Poke and Roll is a good tactic used for years already and people bring up the spear simply because pole and roll work perfectly for said weapon.
Even dev team themselves acknowledge said fact and even implemented a perfect perk for said strategy aka agility 20.

I’m not bashing, I don’t have a negative view at said strategy I simply state the well-known fact amongst CE players.

Have you tested this or are you making a paper build? The max agility perk just for that means 1/3rd of your attribute points are spent just for one perk, the rest having minimal impact given spear damage scales off strength still. Sure, the bonus AP is good at light loads but beyond that you’re just wasting points to waste them. Those 20 points could go to more str, vit, grit, or even authority to have a helping hand. Seems like a waste to me personally

Yeah I’ve always kinda wondered why people come down so hard on what sounds like “dodging”…


I did test it with few friends in sp coop.

For me quick foot and roll poke perk makes a big difference.
It allows me to be faster than than pure str user, thus creating the openings to heal or even better ability to keep pushing them blocking their healing, etc.
The ability to easily push and gain distance is a huge boon for a pvp encounter.

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Yeah, this is a problem and doesn’t make since anyway. If you are staggering/staggered (mentally reeling maybe even stunned to a point) unless you are a trained soldier or survived many battles without dying to have the muscle memory (bad term I know but the most used for this) this would not be possible. Alas, this is the only option we have at this point.

There obviously needs to be more defensive moves than the dodge button. I know Joel back in the day said there would be no parrying , but does that mean we are stuck with only dodge or block with shield ? Would be nice to have a fight that doesn’t devolve into who has the most stamina cap (can dodge more) as weapon variety is quickly not an issue when everyone uses the same weapons. Kick is too slow recovery and doesn’t move the target back far enough (pve especially) to allow for recovery and which just leaves you open to the next attack.

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I like dodging since its an Agility action combat like darksouls i would hate mount and blade combat. And not to mention i think maybe sometime soon they may add parrying just gotta wait and see

Tbh it was better when u were able to unwield your weapon . That made it not only poke/swing and roll.

Some other form of defense in combat beside dodge would be nice. Why have 3 hit combos few people use because roll, roll, roll, away.