3.0 TestLive Testing Requests


Hey all,

Now that the are finishing up the blog teasers for us I assume we should see test live come out here in the next week or two. With that in mind, I did promise to make up a thread about potential tests that we are curious about in the mechanics of the new massive revision and figured now is as good as any to start thinking of stuff we wanted to see that can’t access the test live (console players mostly). Please keep it on topic of listing things you would like to see tested and answers to said things when test live does come out.

So first thing I have is the vitality/corrupted vitality combo where you have the level 20 vitality perk when if you go below 50% you get 95% damage reduction for a period of time and if you have corrupted vitality @ just shy of max corruption (meaning you are at 49% corruption and 51% vitality) with the level 5 perk of healing based on corrupted vitality score, does this mean that after your first hit (@51% of normal HP total and taking you down to under 50%) you get 95% damage reduction and if the healing is sufficient enough to heal you up back to 51% to make you near immortal as you keep getting 95% damage reduction and a never ending state of quick healing.

So numbers would be 680 HP for normal healthy max vitality if the HP max is the same with the corruption taking it down to 347. Getting hit for 60 (say you get hit with 100 and have 40% Armor on) means you go down to 287 hp but gain 95% damage reduction. So each hit after that for a period of time gets only 5 HP through but you heal at a rate of…15? 19? HP /1? 3? sec. So you essentially cross back over into that 51% within the time frame of the 95% AR and the cycle starts over.

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This sounds like a paper build - something that works in theory but not in practice. Corruption lowers your max hp, not current hp. So being half corrupted doesn’t mean always at half health. It really all depends on how the game interprets it but I don’t think they’d have it set up that way for obvious balance reasons


Jimbos right but also lets not talk about this until live, id like to play my favorite of the 5 builds i have planned and it depends on this perk to be at its most effective :laughing:

EDIT: the 95% mitigation only pops once every so often and even at that it only lasts a few seconds, usefull but not indefinite invulnerability

I just want to read patch notes and see building under the map fixed and sky bases fixed.

everything else is just a bonus.


OK, but you must understand:innocent:

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So true :slight_smile:

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Please see if you can load and activate another clan’s teleporter.

lol…just give time and be patient.

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Can someone test to see if Sword of Crom is now worthless for a thrall to use?

You know the answer to this… you just havent accepted it yet…



Is that yes you can or yes it’s now worthless?

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OK I hear that the bonuses on the weapons are no longer there as far as attributes and no buff alternative like armor gets. However what about some of the more unique additional stuff like Yog’s touch corruption or Heated Argument’s heating up. Are these still in effect or did they get removed as well?

Thus was i. The patch notes, said thralls no longer deal damage with it

I haven’t quite accepted that the majority of legendary weapons are just ordinary gear now. Not just SoC but a large chunk of them are now just blah so what makes them legendary?

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Still in. Only attribute boosts got removed. Meaning weapons with odd effects like corrupting or heated inherently have more value now


The only one we didnt see yet

Thank you for the precious feedback!!!
If you find the time please, I am not in a rush at all, can you tell us how the sorcerer thrall will fight for us?

Sorcerer thralls are crafters.

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Soooo how fast is healing with corrupted vitality? I was watching Just horse vid and it didn’t look that great.