3/24 Savage World Small Clans (2Pax)! 3XP, 3xRes, No Avatar

Hello Everyone,

Server Info:
New 3/24 Savage World Small Clans (2Pax)! 3XP, 3xRes, No Avatar

If you’d like to chat with us, find our discord: discord.gg/Nx36HDt

We are starting up our Conan Exiles server, if you’d like to join. Either use the topconanserver direct connect or the 181 code in direct connect for best options.

We are full PVP and welcome anyone that would like to join. We have a few settings that you may want to hear about.

Tribe limit = 4
Gods = deactivated
XP = 3x
Gather = 3x
Durability = 2x

Level 140 - Unlock Almost Everything
level 60 legendary chest (for above mod)
Improved Quality of Life
Glowing Eyes & More
High Stack And Low Encumbrance
Pippi’s mod

We are an active admin community that is looking for some great players to join. We are on mostly during PST time frames. We will be having admin hosted events. Community building is always welcome. Raiding is set to anytime.

First weekend of server. Hope to see you all here. We have scheduled updates and active players. Will you be the next exile looking for a clan or become the next top clan?