3 Chinese hacker has attacked us, everything is videotaped, (please funcom banned then), all the names are there, it is impossible to play like this

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I will no say again that all ******* are hackers, it is forbidden :slight_smile:

How can I submit this video for funcom to see? they walk underwater have super speed and insta kill, and all the options that will have more, but this video shows them, there are the names

This will be closed but you need to read all of the rules on the pins in each category to do it correctly @Community will help you further also due note that lots of reports are in and it can take weeks or months depending on severity of the issue and the bans issued will vary in time so they may not be permanent banned or they will it’s up to funcom

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not permanently banned? if funcom no permanent banned is very bad, you have to permanently banned, the tricks are very serious

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Depending on severity say the first ban is a warning then they move up to a point I’m sure if the ban them enough times the will permanent ban them but it’s up to funcom on the limits of the queue

This is the incorrect place to report behavior.

You have presented the best evidence I have ever seen but unfortunately funcom doesnt care much about it, I hope I am wrong but those guys will still be hacking till they get bored.
Good luck

i think it will be more efficient to have funcom look at the third party program available in china that allow to do that… because even if they ban those one, x1000 players will come using the same cheat program that any chinese players can buy in china. yes those third party program are on sales on chinese market…

This is why PVP has been a joke since beta. They have never come up with a way to give players who do not cheat/hack some breathing room to play.

PVP has always been a joke on officials.

For a supposed originally conceived as a pvp based game with PVE as an addition after all these it ironic that they have surrendered the pvp servers to hackers and never fixed em.

When they initially put in the ping restriction it toned down a lot in the US, but increasing it again has left the Oceania and EU servers at the mercy of the hordes again. The five months I played on a west coast US PVP server in early access, we had zero hackers. Then came the duping bug…some people will just cheat because they CAN, regardless of nationality.