3 hours on the new island, here is what i noticed

Been exploring for a few hours , and this is what i noticed on the new map.
first it is gorgeous, love the red wood forest the best! Azura Tears waterfall area!
making a new character i noticed if you choose white hair , you get white eye lashes.

need more aloe in the starting areas, 1 hour before i found my first one , and was unsure how to heal since i did not realize food did not heal. also the survival perk might need to be changed if food does not heal us?

dagger hit boxes are …way off. not sure to aim up or aim down when trying to hit things.
the bird’s that attack you seem to go through you first, and you can not hit them unless the birds animation is done. ( ramming)
when you are done using a bandage , the characters leg is in a very weird position. also , the animation is great but very long and locks you in place. maybe tweak that?
the landscape is great , all the trees and mountains, but where are the little caves? not thrall caves like the old map, but livable cozy starter caves? all these mountains should have little niches in them so you can build a small starter shelter. i did find one behind a waterfall , but it is very tiny. more natural shelters! :slight_smile:
the weather and the wind are awesome! very immersive. the lighting attacks from the sky squid are super loud ! lol scared me at first .
also thank you for the no shake toggle!!! and thank you for fixing the interact button when looting. no longer have to hit esc every time i need to get out of a chest or body when looting.
days are very short it feels and night is not that dark. more daylight for those sun rays!

best area for me is the Azura Tears waterfall area. gorgeous! grats to the art team!.
anyways , really enjoyed my few hours and thats what i noticed.


So I’m not the only one who notice how hard it is to hit with daggers now.

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Hey Cynn,

I have moved this post to the Isle of Siptah subforum as it provides feedback on the DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.


I agree that the daggers are a bit off. Certain spiders are almost immune to daggers. :crazy_face: I remember screaming for help to @Larathiel because I had no other weapon but daggers and I had 2 spiders on me which I couldn’t hit.


Hey Cynn, yeah daggers and maces vs spiders are particularly rough. Tell me, is your character of average height, or are they unusually short or tall?

The reason I ask is that Alis was quite short and having trouble with daggers, and another player on my server has their character set to the shortest setting and is able to land only about 1 of 4 hits with the mace. So yeah, definitely feels like some hit boxes are off.

BTW, what with Asura’s Basin and Tears of Asura, I built just north of there in the narrow pass of L9 – named it Asura’s Reach. :smiley:

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i never change the height of my characters because i know it runs into issues :slight_smile:

Asuras reach ! i will remember that and check it out, is that the huge cliff with the lake on top ? First time i played conan was yesterday and had a nice time exploring. asuras tears and basin will def be the spot for me :slight_smile:
miss you guys!
i check forums everyday , and will watch for your server.


you are not alone

I did notice that the highest tier of bandages (forget the name, its level 58 and has a bluish glow in the icon) heals the same or close to the previous Numbing Wraps, but the animation is half the time.

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thats good to know :slight_smile:

On my third character, I built in Asura’s Basin (I started over a few times already). A little lakeshore cabin in the woods next to some bear cub spawns (as it turned out). I have a nice pier, too. I think its my favorite spot so far.

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More than a bit off, very hard to get the attacks to connect at all. Not only that it now takes quite a few heavy hits before it even starts to apply bleed. Sometimes it sticks on 1x bleed throughout the attack.

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it is such a calming area . love the light coming through the trees there:)

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