3 Major things after Mother of all patch, that need ultra fast fixes!

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug |
Region: [ Canada ]

So first one; Logging inside a foundation !

So it looks like that since the patch, anyone that log out on a floor that isn’t ground level, will relog inside the structure and will have to destroy it to get out.

Hopefully that foundation isn’t supporting any walls or roof cause everything will fall down. You can remove your bracelet but then you lose your corps inside the foundation and lose all your stuff.


Second major issue: The map locations have disappeared completely… we can remove our bracelet and die, and when we come back, the map locations are back…

But if you log out, when you come back, all your map locations will have disappear again… so we basically need to kill our self every time we want our map locations and journeys to go back to normal o.O


3rd major thing, decay timer on food, drinks, warpaints … name it, is broken. They all skip like 5 secs instead of 1, torches last 5 minutes instead of 20 mins.


Other then that, thanks for Epic flawless zamorian, hyborean and slaver armor. Thanks for all changes that will slow down raiders that want to loot everyone else stuff super quickly.

Thanks for all the work but jeez please fix these 2 major issues, people are talking about leaving the game because of those issues.


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100% agree. But even the worse part. The temperature changes. I have a base in the damn grass area where the pigs and The Den is. I mean the base is huge, i love it, made out of tier 3 Reinforced Stone (no cold resist), no furnaces on, removed all wall torches, wearing light tier 1 normal armor, and with all this I died 5 times of heat stroke in my base. Instant quit the game. I ain’t rebuilding, hell no. And to think I recorded over 600 gb and edited 14 episodes to have for youtube…

All items countdown skipping is rather annoying. Now have to take heaps of food with you if going somewhere far.

That is really messed up with the food… At this point I am not touching the game until a hotfix is implemented, at least for the food and temperature. Just no point in getting angry cause I die in my base 5 times in one hour… I mean it’s like I am frying potatos when I turn the furnaces on. RUN RUN fill the furnaces, NOW RUN RUN turn them on, NOW RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! :smiley:

Loggin inside walls - same issue here. Stamina problem - same issue. Unplayable at the moment . please fix asap

Lol yea i feel for you. I havn’t had this problem in the desert but i can only imagine. I’m doing the same and not playing til countdown timers are fixed. It’s just stupidly irritating.