3 skull snake in purge

I stand behind the cimmerian berserker. Not because it has the highest HP cause it doesn’t. I feel they are more fierce when fighting then most other thralls, including purge fighters, volcano thralls and anything you can still find in Sepermaru. The other nice thing about the Berserker is that they come out of the wheel with good weapons.

As for what you lost and what you didn’t (3’s Vs 2’s) it’s likely aggro based, instead of level or HP based. I do have some tests running to confirm my suspicions but have nothing to share just yet.

Wow, what a difference. BoA with a master kit and this one rocks. and has bewbs. She even goes to town with a truncheon, no hesitation.

Yet, we have strayed far from the title, and this one definitely deserves its own thread.

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So whatever you feel like. Its your thread anyway :wink:

One last note about armor. IF you have any of the DLC’s the best thing to do is to make the heavy versions. If you are PVP, then the helm needs to be a gas mask for raiders. No PVP you can get 1000+ armor rating with new plating added on a full set. Cheap to make…
perfected lining,2 steel reinf, 19 hardened steel.
If you do a gas mask, God breaker is the best, 14 scraps only needed per, and actually gets you closer to 1100 rating, which gives your high level thralls massive health pools.

I’ve done the snake a few times now, at first it was panic mode, but now I think I figured him out and was quite easy the last couple of times, with mid-grade gear and fighters; nothing exotic. I’m fairly new to the game (3 month-ish), but have been doing purges alot in SP where I set the purge trigger value to 0, 2min prep and have them spawn almost constantly, to try them out, but mainly to see what spawns at different locations.
The snake doesn’t have AoE and usually starts going ham on 1 target, so it’s usually safe to get in there and find a spot away from his head to attack him yourself too, but also to keep an eye on the thralls HP that is tanking the hits.

I mostly use a hammer to apply sunder (which I assumed works on snake too, idk, but makes me feel better), and when the thrall falls to about half HP, I just move them away so the snake changes target. Usually once is enough before he is dead.You can use Stand Guard and simple turn your camera and place them right there, it’s enough for the snake to target someone else. Or you can use follow and pull the thrall away . With guard, you keep attacking and the thrall instantly gets back in there.

As for setup, I usually have about 6-8 thralls, in basic Heavy Vanir, since I’m usually lv40 before first purge on official (pve) and the best without worrying about t4 armorer, and easier to make than lower tier sets. I’ve used that looted lemmo, but there is a point where it doesn’t cut it. Near pagoda it might still be fine on high HP thralls, but I did get a 3 skull croc there once and he AoE’s alot.

Anyway my go-to thralls are 2 or more t3 relic hunters, simply from Sepermeru, easy to get, not the strongest but very reliable. 2 archers from dogs or t4 hiers, or anywhere. The rest is just gravy for you to fill in for damage. But my favourite, is imo the hidden gem from buccaneer’s, not a big Hp pool, but the woman’s nuts and what you want is her weapon. I usually give it to the relic hunters because they are tanky and give her another one and a shield to help mitigate some damage in higher areas. Try, don’t ask. I am winks

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Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but RL interfered. I have yet to try this out, but did want to say that is one of the most thorough and detailed responses to a question I have ever gotten.

Thank you for spending the time to write it up and share your expertise.



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