3 things you would like to change in AOC?

  1. Rename Atlantean Shards to Atlantean Jewels.
    Then let new Atlantean Shards (rare/epic/legendary) drop in raids/dungeons.
    Give the option to fuse the new Shards to Jewels of similar quality (rare/epic/legendary) Between 8 -12 Shards for 1 Jewel (+ gold). More gold for fusing higher level Shards
    Give also the option to trade up Shards: 4 rare + gold ----> 1 epic; 4 epic + gold —> 1 Legendary

  2. Reduce cooldown times for lower Tier raids (T1 - T3)

  3. Make the rewards for higher level achievements usefull for character or account.


Make faction armor set caches buyable as social armor from a vendor, and all 4 tiers too!

  1. A dressing room / preview window to see what the hell something looks like on me before buying it.It’s a standard feature in every mmo out there, including your precious TSW.

  2. Remove armor restrictions from items when being used as vanity. You even did this in Anarchy Online years ago.

  3. Remove the gold cap or at least increase it to something usable like 100 gold.

  4. Ability to turn off our characters combat voices.

  5. Different colors for the “!” over questgivers heads. For example, the current gold for one off questlines, perhaps blue for repeatable questlines, red for dungeon/group recommended questlines, etc. I for one prefer to do new quests, not repeat the same ones over and over. Being able to discern quest types would make it easier on all of us, I’m sure


How would raid finder make another tier obsolete if it no longer rewarded relics. With t4 relics gone from raid finder, like I suggested, people would have to actually DO t4, and daily courtyard/mc pugs would come back to global.


people already have hundreds if not thousands of t4 tokens.


I have 2 though. I highly doubt anyone has a thousand t4 tokens. Highest i’ve heard is a couple hundred.


Remove the raid finder and reward, which is obtained from there to move to the dungeon, in the likeness of the old world. That is, it is necessary to pass 3 certain dungeons and for their passage system will give a reward in the form of a chest, where there will be Atlantic fragments… And these dungeons to get the chest can be done a few and the harder the dungeon, the better and more reward in the form of these fragments. Type quest the old and the new world where the passage of certain dungeons give chests where it can be a good voznagrazhenie. But there’s guaranteed shards. Or would you do away with the raid Finder t 4 rare coins… They should have enough T3 and make their number very small as the fragments… To more fragments people received through the passage of certain dungeons…People stopped thinking how to play, they come lazy, dressed, but do not understand or do not want to think and wait for when they get free something from the chest…
Do finally anti cheat these * * * * is not only in pvp, but also in pve do not hesitate to use the program. With such players all the pleasure of the game disappears.
The third is for me to see. These are new dungeons or locations with them and very good rewards, such as a necklace with put stones in them and cloaks with the same possible improvements in the form of stones…about RAID dungeons I think is too early to dream…


I would like to Supplement my thoughts. How to replace RAID finder. Make a reward for passing T1 T2 raids additional coins t 3 levels but smaller than T1 and T2 plus Atlantic fragments. Also make the reward better if the dungeons were at the time of trial. People will be able to dress in T3 faster. The T3 also make a reward with each box of T3 and T4 coins. But to make T4 less than T3, plus fragments of the Atlantic and for the time trial reward better. People in this way would be able to dress faster and pass the original raids with the new reward system. In the same T3.5 Temple of Erlik 2 different there are rare coins from the bosses T3 and T4 levels.


Bellmann ticked over 1k T4 tokens yesterday actually !

  1. Make T6 weapons available in T6 vendors.
    Saga server giveaway T6 weapons, thus it’s not that special anymore. We can see there are so many clueless players with T6 weapons now, so why not make it available in T6 vendors?
    p.s : keep T3.5 clean of this or you will kill T3.5 raids by selling T3.5 weapons in T3.5 vendors

  2. Remove RF - Make Atlantean shards obtainable from real raid instances or from hard mode dungeons.
    RF is the biggest joke in AoC so far. It kills T3 raids, Khitai dungeon groups and even T4 itself.
    What is the purpose of RF anyway? RF was introduced as a way for new people to learn about raid and raid tactics since most encounter are way nerfed . However after a few months of RF, it became so obvious that some idiots will never learn, some scums are there just to be AFK and getting their free boxes, and some trolls just want to wipe the raid on purpose. These negative behaviors ignite another negative behaviors, for example trashtalking in raid chat even to global, and this ultimately defeats the purpose of RF existence itself. Finally RF becomes the biggest contributor of the existence of clueless players wearing T4 gear (and T3 gear too).

  3. Last wish if removing RF is not possible : A real punishment for AFKers in RF.
    Leeches don’t deserve anything but a real punishment.
    If those AFK leeches in RF that was caught red handed for 3rd times by a GM, then a GM can do the followings :

  • remove all of their T3 and T4 gear
  • remove all of their Simple relic III and Simple relic IV
  • remove all of their dragon tears and rare relics
  • remove their coins (1 RF blue box can gives up to 2 gold )
  • remove all of their Atlantean shards
  • remove all of their RF rings and RF ring’s gems, even if some of them are from Slithering Chaos dungeon.
    Then let’s see if those leeches still think it’s funny to be AFK in RF.

  1. I would like to exchange t4 relics with t5 relics. I cant do much with over 300 t4 relics on most of my toons.
  2. PvP players should earn much more money from minigames quests completion, those who only (or mostly) play pvp are always short of money.
  3. Remove Brain Finder. This is the worst concept of PvE activity i’ve ever seen. Too many handicapped people wandering around having t4 set and having no clue how to play their class, or what to do in the real raids. Since RF have been introduced, i clearly see no point of doing other game activities as one may acquire t4 set at no cost. What I see nowadays is SC and pretty much it. Give some love to the old dungeons providing atlantean shards for example, extra bonuses etc.
  4. Bring back the old Ranger class, or atleast remove quick shot with Salvo.


1.Remove random queue from minigames
2. Remove random queue from minigames
3. Remove random queue from minigames


1)increase a bit the gold cap to 14 so khitai owners in f2p can fully experience the expansion and make other people worth to buy it
2) Make people able to sign some minis with new game up to 4 groups of 3 players
3) merge fury and crom(unless keeping fury is not an expense for the company) but only if you can give authority to gm to check and intervene on chat banning or removing somewhat the chat system for some day everyone who insults and spams too much thus removing goldspammers, we have already bad dudes on crom, no even more worst from fury thanks (i know they already plays on crom but when they are playing on fury, Crom chat is more happy

p,s, Dont remove raid finder!! its funny! they are short they give reward and sometimes crazy things happen in them that make roftlmao


some items still cost 15g, the solution in my opinion is not so to raise the cap of gold (which could also be raised), but to make these items cheaper, with raidfinder around that give relic IV as if there was not a tomorrow, whose items cost 7 golds, what do you choose to buy? An excellent item for 7 golds or a less good item at 14g?
When i was on Saga i did HM for fun but i avoid to buy Khitai gear, alsi if i had moneys, because too much expansive.


I agree, the Khitai stuff is a bit expensive, reduce the price.


I bet this has been said already, however this is what I want:
Atlantean Shards in dungeons with quests like “Mastering the Old World” or “In Service of the Excavators”. You can leave RF as an option, that’s fine. Just put in another option to get the shards. Also can put a weekly cooldown on it. Just imagine all the dungeons that would run because people wants to do it on their alts too. You can rotate between “Finish all NG hard modes” and next week Chosain/Paikang/KK/Unchained etc…

Edit: The amount of gained shard per quest do not even have to be very high. As long as the option is there it’s fine


I have 1200 or more… Would have had more if i didnt buy a lot of random things to complete sets


Yeah some of my toons are stacked with shards, but what I suggested is just more an alternative way to get them. Also starting with a new toon now is a bit frustrating because you’re like two years “behind” in the Atlantean Shard farm.


was actually referring to T4 tokens, but yes there have been so many ideas on how to get shards, thats its all on deaf ears.


I like this thread! I’ve gone through all the suggestions thus far and categorized the ones I liked by their various disciplines. While I know you guys know that I can’t commit to anything here, just wanted to let you know that we are listening. :slight_smile:

One thing I wanted to comment on:

If someone wanted to make a thread for this, I always love seeing specific examples of things people want to see made available as vanity. Here’s my only two requests for such a thread:

  • Limit 1 vanity item per post. I will judge how much people want to see a specific item by how many likes it has and that’ll get confusing if there’s 5 items there.
  • Keep the thread clean of all other posts.

Thanks guys, I’ll try to stay current; just try to keep it on topic because it’s much easier to read through that way. :smile:

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