3 things you would like to change in AOC?


Once I get home I can start this thread and post some examples of items that might be interesting for players to use, thank you for responding to this suggestion!
I just hope that enough people over here in the AoC Forum will use the like function for this because here the like function isn’t used as much as in the other forums (conan exiles for example) as far as I observed it (average like amount is far lower here)
By the way: where (which subforum) should I create that thread, since here is no suggestions sub forum like in the Conan Exiles forum.


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Please consider revamp of heroic instances into something worth to play.


remove vote kick in rf


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1 enable xp off feature so you can twink toons for low level minigames.
2 limit guild sizes to 100, maybe 200 toons.
3 reduce the grind on everything, resources, money dropped, rares…

the never gonna happen 4 would be do another expansion

  1. is ingame already :slight_smile:


Here are some things I would like to see in Age of Conan:

1.) Enable the PVP-Minigames as 3 vs. 3 (excluding JS of course) so we can also have more tactical fights.
Why I wish to see this? I found many players only join minigames to have skirmishes or to get kills, There is hardly any team-fights. Probably we will get this if we have 3 vs. 3 matches.

2.) Give us more PVP armor so we can spent our PVP tokens. The stats should not change, so the same stats like pvp-tier 3 but maybe just change the colour of the PVP armor or the style of the armor.

3.) Enable all potions you can get in the shop also ingame by playing. I think it is unfair that you can buy potions that you can not get by playing. It should be: Money (for shop) of time (by playing). I think many players will think now: disable all potions like crit potions. But that’s not the point, if you argue like this we could delet all stats of equipment. Potions are okay, but it should be available by playing too!

**give us a vote for kick in minigames too! 5 votes for a kick. There won’t be 5 trolls in a team to kick a bad geared or unexperienced player, that won’t happen. **


We already put this in. Check your options under “Misc.” :slight_smile:


Sure, I’ve got 3 things I’d love to see added, but I wanna preface this by saying I’m trying to approach these suggestions in a manner similar to a lot of the implementations we saw with the achievement system. Namely, suggestions to increase the scope of content which players may actively participate in in the name of pursuing relatively small but objectively meaningful amounts of progress and investment.

  1. I would like to see the implementation of a fourth tier of PvP gear. I don’t know if the models for the originally planned PvP t4 sets are still around in the files, (examples can be found here and there online though, specifically Henryx’s blog that I can’t link yet) but if they are then that at least reduces the workload on artists. It would simply come down to itemization and acquisition.

I wouldn’t like to see them be a strict flat out improvement over t3 in terms of an overwhelming stat boost, power creep is never fun, but PvP gear has for years been missing the implementation of setbonuses that PvE gear started receiving in t5 and beyond. A t4 PvP set should be taken as an opportunity to add a new carrot for veteran players to chase, and acquire some quantifiable but not enormous power increases as a result.

This is less for reasons of “I want to be stronger to slaughter nabs easier”, but more for reasons of “I would love something new to work towards”, and since the models (mostly?) already exist it should probably be at least somewhat viable. Hell, for all I care you could release the PvP t4 skins as pure vanity sets for a load of tokens and requiring PvP10 to purchase, the idea is prestige in the first place so if you don’t feel like itemizing and dealing with the inevitable balance complaints, just release the skins so players who are invested in their PvP can wear them as a badge of office.

  1. Something requested for many years that again simply adds more carrots into the world, but the ability to vanity different weapon skins. Again this is likely to increase the scope of player activity across the game. People already sometimes go out of their way to acquire vanity armor, weapons would simply add another goal for people to perhaps target and chase. I’m sure every player has at some point really regretted leaving behind a weapon skin as they upgraded. Compare t5/t6 weaponry to old skins from t3, is anybody else really sad that we’ve left behind Conan’s famous Atlantean Sword from the 1982 movie never to be equipped for meaningful content again? I know I am, and I’d happily go and farm that thing back if given the chance.

I remember this being discussed a few years ago, and I remember that the planned crafting update was essentially going to be a ‘solution’ to this request but… Well, that craft revamp ended up becoming Conan Exiles, says Joel.

  1. This isn’t necessarily content, but you guys showing up yesterday just to hang out in OT was really fun. I enjoyed it a lot. So really, what I’d like to see in AoC in the future most of all, more than vanity weapons and more than pvp t4, is more of that. More ingame interaction. Maybe hosting some events, working with players to do some interesting things. I really don’t have a direct suggestion here for what those ‘interesting things’ could be, but hell I’d happily brainstorm with you if you want. GMs can do some really nutty stuff, I’m sure we could all work out something fun. Maybe spawn an invasion of suitable NPCs into one of the PvP Festival maps when it’s up, so one evening we can just have an all out warzone? Who knows, but it’d be fun.

  1. remove T3-4 relics from the blue raid finder chests and leave them only in the epic weekly chest
  2. make the price of the gear khitai much cheaper, a price that is between the T3 and the T4 and make a slight revamp of the khitai weapons that are horrible (for example, add prot to 2h for the conquerors and critical to 2h for the barbarians)
  3. fix the old T1-2-3 world vendors in order to allow anyone to buy the weapons he/she wants as for PvP gear, a single vendor with all weapons and accessories.
  4. add a vendor with WB weapons/accessories as for pets, for WB tokens + relic3, their drop rate is really too unfair and unbalanced!
  5. add atlantean shards in other content like raids and 6men!

  1. Enable vanity gear in all zones. A no brainer. Never seen an mmo with such a silly restriction on vanity settings. And yes there is a vocal minority that believes that players can’t PVP without knowing what gear others are wearing. This is just simply untrue.

  2. Add flying mounts. Works for wow. But I know this is a long shot and there will be screaming babies opposed to the very thought. Ask me how I know!

  3. Merge fury and crom and create separate instances for the two rulesets. One mega server for all. Each zone has a PVP instance and a pve instance. Or like dc universe does it. You have two servers combined that players can seamlessly transition back and forth between by using an in game mechanism. DC uses a big teleport machine doohickey. Want to quest unmolested go to the pve side. Want the thrill of the hunt? Go to the PVP side. If anything this is what most of us want to see. And to the screaming babies who oppose it. Spare us. You’re not a unique snowflake. We all deserve to enjoy this game our way.

  1. Open PvP saga and when event ends transfer chars to Fury and make it alive server again.

  2. Bring back some more competitiveness in pvp:
    a. bring back kill stat and add pvp kill rankings (remember yellow gremlin bot?)
    b. add " guild war ranking" - sieges won/lost - guilds would start to compete to be 'the best"

  3. All pvp 10 chars look like army of clones - give us more armors and weapon skins too choose from.


Can you provide any references to flying mounts in REH’s works?


There’s one of Conan flying on a bat in Scarlet Citadel.

“Conan laments that the capital is almost a week away by fastest steed, and Strabonus’s army lie along the path, but Pelias summons a batlike creature to fly him directly to Tarantia.”

This is the only one I’m aware of. Personally, I do not support flying mounts in AoC, just doesn’t fit the game imo.


I dont think skyboxes in age of conan is higher then they need to be, so they would probably have to adjust many skyboxes which imo wouldnt be worth developer-time. It would also screw with achievments like leap of faith since you need to do some tricky jumping/climbing to reach some of em.

Zones in wow is connected without loadingscreens aswell so its not exactly the same benefits.


Hahaha, I’m rereading one of the Conan books and just skipped over this story to go to the next in the book.

Thanks for the answer. I’m still going to vote No on the idea, while F/C has going a bit much in the way of mounts for my taste, I think this wouldn’t be a good move for the game play.


Like I said it was a long shot more like a wish is all. There really wasn’t any need for any of this debate. It isn’t constructive.


I think AoC went too far with that one horse mount that has flames, just doesn’t fit the game.


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