3 things you would like to change in AOC?


1 - More permanent morphs, a vampire form for Dark Templar and Necromancer for example(vanity)
2 - Be able to purchase subscription via steam
3 - A thaumaturgist class and hyberborean PLAYABLE racehttp://aoc.wikia.com/wiki/Hyperborean

For the thaumaturgist,i think that he will be a hybrid between necromancer and demonologist, this means 6 pet slots and his pets should be mostly golems(3 pts) and gargoyles(2 pts) . A “vampire form” should be amazing too, increasing his spell power but increasing his weakness to fire and holy damage significantly…


1 - Give shards from dungeons and pvp.
2 - Implement a scaling difficultysystem for existing dungeons. Level 0 is the original dungeon, then every level it seemply increases dmg output and hp with 15%. (reference wow mythic+ system)
3 - Implement leaderboards for dungeons (fastest clears, highest dungeon made in the scaling difficultysystem) and pvp (could be a MMR rank where the MMR takes KD and Winratio into consideration into one score, but with more details ontop of that.


you can pay for sub from steam. not sure if non steam acc. can do this or have option to swich to steam.



Not the first time players have asked for, suggest to change or add a little useful. At least 2 of the first paragraph. This I think not too many will spend your time Funcom.

  1. I would also like to have added a teleport to the T5, T6 and dungeons dragon spine for coins.
  2. Also when are you finally going to do the sale of weapons T6 at the NPC? Players from the Saga have weapons, and the NSP is still not active. Inconsistency. A lot of time is lost on just 1 thing that I still don’t have a 1 weapon. I’m not lucky. I would like to have the opportunity to buy at the NPC is a weapon. I guess I’m not the only one who wants it.
  3. I would like to see the new armor in the future had the status of legendary, not just as vanity.

Just change the system of resurrection after the death of the players are not at the entrance to the dungeon raid, make in the location, at the beginning, as was done in the raid finder. So it is more convenient and less time spent on additional downloads.

Sorry for repeating the sentence.

  1. Add some kind of time-table leaderboards for dungeons and raids (single boss timers aswell), linked through the already existing timer mechanic. (only eligible without severe class stacking in raids, and no class stacking in 6-mans!)
  2. Add the daily rotating PvP zone on Crom (fury is legit dead now). and give the Fury festival zones to Crom aswell for the PvP week. The three border kingdoms don’t suffice, and remove Tarantia commons district (total lagfest)
  3. add possibility for buddy signups in the regular minigame queue (pair or trios)

EDIT: actually scaling dungeons like Moriala mentioned is the dream, much more so than only leaderboards. So much gear / heal rating in this game that never sees its potential.


1.) A new Age of Conan: Age of Conan Legends! Rebuild this game on Unreal Engine 4 just as it is now with a little bit mentioned here in topic :slight_smile:

2.) Casters also need to press directionals for a cast. But it should not be static directionals, more like a minigames and directionals appear randomly. Pressing the correct directionals will reduce the cast time for 0,5 sec., if you dont press directionals cast time will be like now, if you press wrong directional cast time + 0,2 sec.
The player has limited time to press a directional.

3.) Change VOM of DT. I think DT is one of the most op classes in AOC now- VOM should be a cast (1sec) that runs for 20s and has a cooldown of 40/60s.

  1. Player housing to put my over 100 architect recipes to use and to store equipment and gear. Everyone could customize their ‘house’ to make it the way they want it to. Perhaps it could boost the in-game economy too.

  2. No level requirements on certain quests (i.e., can only pick up quests below level 26) so that completionists can go back and do all quests to their hearts’ content.

  3. Quest colour scheming for old and new so that we don’t have to check every NPC in the zone for quests. Just another suggestion for us completionists.

(Also, I don’t PvP but I might still be interested in trying out a PvP Saga since everyone essentially would be starting from scratch).


My 2 cents. Being an old game with a low population I think proposal should have an high benefit-cost ratio for the company (basically low cost and time of implementing and a good chance to increase revenues) to have a chance to be taken in consideration.
So excluding expansions, dungeons and all would require a lot of work, I would focus on item shop, loot in existing contents (dungeon, raid, quests), socialization. At the end, not only fun (you need contents for that) but even the desire to be special (via exclusive vanity, power gear, publick ackonwledgment of skills) and socialization (in all aspects from cooperation to competition) are major motivations for online games.

So my proposal (not 3 sorry):

  1. remove all game communication restrictions (global chat access, send and reply tells) for f2p players. You will attract and keep more people in the game.
  2. ranking system for players (not only for guilds) based on achievment
  3. make the online shop a marketplace for external artists. You need more items to generate more revenues and you can find people interested to create and sell vanity items in your shop. Even limiting this external collaboration only to gear, it would be good because you could improve a lot the stock. You can pay content creators with funcom points and mention in the shop, and your work would be limited to check working of items submitted (clothes, decorations and so on) and the quality (design and fitting the lore)
  4. enlarge the loot table creating alternative gear with comparable stats (just for example: an alternative raid gear set for every class). You can do this even using existing assests: changing stats, name, and some minor texture cosmetics of existing loot to create an alternative; taking items with unique models and low diffusion/limited time of use (like some old-world crafted items, drops from resource map and low level maps) and make an alternative loot for end-game with new stats and in some way a fresh appareance.
  5. a time-limited server with 2 or more big factions the player can choose at character creation. All players in your faction are not attackable, others are attackable (like a khitai faction). It could be an interesting and different approach to pvp in open field.


One of the best proposals ever made so far

  1. Ban Hackers and cheats in minis, and actually respond when petitioned, instead of waiting till cheaters log off to answer or just dont answer at all.
  2. Allow friends to sign to minis and play together even if only 2-3.
  3. Develop T7 content for the PvE community, once they leave the game is totally dead. The Pve community is all the game is living off of right now.
    4.Allow T4 tokens to be converted to T5.
    5.Use existing areas in game to develop new pvp mini games Example’s PinPin, Kesh City , Tarantia commons, Noble district, even some instanced 6 mans would make some cool pvp maps.
    6.Be more upfront with the community , lot of frustration on lack of communication from Funcom.
    7.Merge Fury into Crom and give an option for PvP instance same as Normal Epic PvP.
    8.Stop exploiting people on the Funcom store with ridiculous prices for things, try adding to the community not exploiting its wallets.
    9 Give people something to work towards again, New AA’s? How long have people had full AA tree’s on countless mains and alts…


I would like to be able to convert my t3 tokens to t4 personally.

And your idea #5 is a good one albeit we could do without anything from tarantia commons. It is the most unoptimized zone in the game and runs horribly for even the strongest systems.


Yep exaclty, Fury server is unfortunaly dead for real. This is the only way for PvP AoC community to come back or play as often as before.


T3 to T4 tokens would be a good feature as well, never noticed Tarantia Commons being bad, but maybe im just lucky, if thats the case scratch that one off lol

  1. free server transfers
  2. server transfer that are free
  3. the transference from one server to another for free.



Its 5 dollars dude… Are you so broke that you can’t afford 5 bucks? Make a gofundme and beg for some loose change there or go hit the streets and ask for donations. My own kids make twice that a week from doing chores around the house but you’re complaining about 5 whole dollars? I certainly feel no pity for you and to be honest i would like it if you stayed on Fury. You’re toxic and nobody feels sorry for you.


Sure, is cheap on USA, but in south america or eastern europe, is not that cheap. Steam offers a lot of games with less price in this regions.

EDIT : Some regions have taxes for this type of transaction and someone who have 6 characters pay server transfer for all is very expensive.


No1 make a new pvp map something like JS…but different of course…No2 make 1 or 2 new 6mans instances somethin like SC to keep people busy…no3 make the t7 instance real…for obvious reasons…And i have a n4…somethin which nobody seems to notice…The feat trees…are so outdated…they are there ,since launch…For example generall trees …are absolutely ridicoulous…I mean the things they offer(magic damage-armour-mana tap-etc)or any other attribute are so pitifull…they dont even make a difference…When this game started they were nice…but as i said…Now the values and the numbers are meaningless…They need an upgrade…Anyways…i wish they do a few things more…cause there are people still playing…Still its not dead…!!!


Then he can just transfer one and focus on that toon for awhile


I would like to see vanity for weapons enabled. for same weapon type only of course