3 things you would like to change in AOC?

  • nerf DTs, I can’t see a reason why they are still able to run around in tali spec and deal as much DPS as mages (or even more) , heal themself like healers, solo tank bosses (even with a few light armor pieces and wisdom rings) and lock aggro with ease by simply spamming 2 combo ranks and using a macro for Hex + Bloodshed. It’s just ridiculous that they didn’t get any balance changes for so long.

  • Just revert the ranger “revamp”. There is a reason why rangers were at 4.4% at the class distribution (Saga Class Distribution - Level 80). The revamp made the class utterly boring, there is pretty much only one way to play this class, everything is the same (even the weapons). Just revert it back to the old state before the revamp in 2010, DPS might be lower but the class would be fun to play again.

  • add Atlantean Shards to unchained dungeons and the unchained quest box. Seriously, it’s baffeling me why this hasn’t been added yet, what’s the point in having us farm RF 'til we are brain dead? Why can’t we farm dungeons with a challange until we are brain dead (the challange there might actually save our brains)? Make the amount that drops in UC dungeons reasonable since they got only one day cooldown but finally give us other ways than farming RF to get the overpowered rings.
    This would also lead to a revival of dungeon groups, even on Crom it’s hard to find groups because why should people care? RF is easier with better rewards.

  • add more unchained versions of old dungeons. I know, lot’s of work but would be worth it since even to this day, unchained dungeons are really great.

  • Give us more ways to spend our T3 / T4 relics. Add things like the skin color changer items, T1 - T3 vanity armor sets and other special vanity items to the reliquary vendors, there is no use for them, the actual gear is useless for most people (the T3 gear) and once you got the pets you need you can’t really do anything with them.

  • try to add a “convert to vanity item” feature. The item loses all it’s stats but becomes wearable by all classes. Mages, and Sins got the end of the stick when it came to the vanity system, they can wear a very little amount of items whereas soldiers can just wear anything they want. It somehow must be possible, you already made T1 - T3 armors as vanity items.

  • While we are at it: add vanity weapon slots. Type-bound obviously. You wield a sword? Well, only swords as vanity allowed. You wield a two handed blunt? Only two handed blunts as vanity allowed.


Even if I wanted to, the game won’t accept payments from most U.S. banks or even paypal.
I refuse to pay for transfers under the conditions of game-mastery failure.

  • Flag bug fixed so people can’t pick up the flag up while in stealth or the bug fixed where they un-interruptable picking up the flag in PVP. (Yes, I know they can be CC’d, but oft times they’ve already got multiple immunities so there’s no stopping it and typically one team has the bug and the other does not.)

  • Ranger running shot exploit fixed.

  • Totem Torrent reverted back to it’s original form where most kills wins.

Honorable mention: A force shield that goes up around spawns so teams can’t hide or bring the d@mn flag into their spawns. For HV this would be the hallway leading to the spawn. For Lost Temple this would be the entire room behind the spawn. For Blood Ravine it would be the spawn plus entire tunnel leading to it.


That’s not true at all. They accept every form of payment you just listed.


I tried. they don’t accept payments, or atleast my money.
Free transfers please.


I din’t subcribed exactly by this reason. Steam offers a lot of ways to pay that aren’t present on the “official” site.

  1. Accountwide storage tab. Goodbye pointless reloggings to fetch that 2g to buy armor piece after raid etc.

  2. When you sell junk at vendor npc, it would be cool to have text about what you sold instead of “you gained xx silver”. happens occassionally that you sold things that wasn’t supposed to sell (where did i put those 50 crit pots??)

  3. Add dungeon finder for easy loot, maybe legendary weapons with 6 gemslots

p.s one of those suggestions might be (bad) joke

  1. Leaderboard for both Pve/Pvp.
  • PVP shows a MMR thats calculated from a mix of KD/Winrate in pugminis - Resets every month, 3 best players get rewarded with AA,Tokens and PVP XP.
  • PVE shows a list of fastest runs in raids/groups that already have timertrial in them, and the highest difficulty of scaling difficulty done (read number 2).
  1. Implement scaling dungeon difficulty. Doesnt have to be super complicated, every rankup is 15% more dmg output and health. This is mainly to keep full geared characters relevant.

  2. Vote kick in minigames + Signup with 1 or 2 friends in same team + Mini doesnt start unless both teams have 1tank/1healer before warmup timer.


PVP shows a MMR thats calculated from a mix of KD/Winrate - Resets every month, 3 best players get rewarded with AA,Tokens and PVP XP.

I see this being heavily exploited by alt farmers.

Vote kick in minigames + Signup with 1 or 2 friends in same team + Mini doesnt start unless both teams have 1tank/1healer before warmup timer.



Could have made it more clear, but im talking about pug-minis only, i dont think its that easy to exploit it there.


I’ve seen the smaller population every day, Malediluna’s proposal is a good one, you should discard the profits of the expansions by attracting more public, and generating resources only with the virtual store, building new items, placing armor t1, t2, t3 , t4, t5 and t6 for sale no matter if they have well-equipped beginners, it would be great to do something like the raid finder for dungeons with the decreased difficulty, staying posting by group in the chat is really very prehistoric I believe with something similar with the raid finder people could have so much fun, difficulty in a 10-year game? I do not think there’s time for everyone to enjoy the game.

  1. Get expansions for free download
  2. Give us different features in the virtual store
  3. Make a queue for dungeons with decreased difficulty


Then the question is: why would a player join t6 raid if he allready have full t6 armor from shop.

T4 is enough really for t5 and even t6. Selling this armor in itemshop would just make players skip nice content, which todays aoc suprisingly lack.


who has money my friend buys and does not need to pass rabies in the t6 raids with a lot of idiots making you waste time, not everyone likes raid. the world does not orbit around you


In case you have not noticed, it’s already possible to buy the boxes that drops tokens and rares for T5 gear. :roll_eyes:

Which is totally dumb, imo, but if people wants to waste their money like that, it’s their problem, not mine. :crazy_face:


I wanted to understand why so many ideas against it, it is better that you put your idea and leave the others, give 3 ideas please


But what would you use the t6 gear for? There is nowhere you can go to get better gear.

My point was: If you buy t6 armor you have bought yourself past all the grind, the grind which actually is the game. There will be nothing left for you to do.

Buy a level 80 char, buy t6 gear, takes 10 mins and then you are done with the game. Still you havent experienced anything you havent seen or played the game. You just trew alot of money out of the window and then quit because you have no goal anymore. You wont do any more raiding because the gear requirement is just an illusion you imagine because you are afraid of the instance and want to blame something.

You say to yourself: I dont know what to do. I dont know what to say. What if they ask me about sonething i should know, but dont? What if i make a miatake and they get angry. My gesr is too bad.

All these, illusions, nothing else. You have to get past these illusions to get better gear. That is the way. Even if your gear isnt good enough its the same illusions that prevent your gear from being good enough. But now that issue is taken care of with t4 RF.

I dont know how hard t4 was to obtain before. Its not too long ago when if you had full t4 it was kind of cool! Now noone cares. Thats what happends when they hand out gear for free.


There is nothing absolutely not hing pve wise that you could not be able to achieve or do once you geared full t4. The only exception is the T5 rune that alters the play style for some classes but not all classes and even then its not mandadory… So T6 gear is more a statement of Player skills than Player gear…


on the contrary friend, if you have to sell t6 I do not need to waste my time with guild and spend months going in a tiresome and sleepy raid, sleeping on the keyboard, if it is to work on this you are correct, the game has many dungeons will be that 70% have been in all? the game is not back to 6 bosses, will there be more time for fun, killing a raid boss is fun for you? Is it the end of the game for you? I think you understood my vision well. stop being critical nobody will lose the fun and has the communication factor the world does not speak English with accents of another language. The best mmorpg is practically solo, you do not need anyone to have fun, the store sells everything


Why do u want t6 gear?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Made my day. Thank you for trolling, keep it coming!