30+ crashes a day

Myself and my clan of 17 others crash constantly on official pvp 1117. We load in n crash back to dashboard. We crash while looking in benches,chests,vaults, when walking,running,standing still. We can crash one after the other and sometimes more than one person at a time. All day everyday it’s happening and we can’t play. When server is empty it does it and when server reaches 15 or more players we can crash 5x in a row before it stops. Before the update we only crashed about 5x a day but now we’re ALL crashing 30x each and sometimes more. We run day one edition Xbox’s, one S’s , and even one X’s and they crash just the same. The update broke the game for us and we’re not happy that we can’t play. Some of our tribe now make dragon noises whilst having one handed weapons out. It’s beyond a joke now and upon release if these are not fixed then we will all be returning to Ark.