30 slot pve a beginners paradise ps4

We are looking for a few more players to join our laid back server. We have very active admins and are tweeking the settings based on what players ask for. We want it to be fun but not a cake walk. Send me a message at jray32363 if you are interested. It is a ps4 server.

I have been playing Conan for some time now. But have not yet found the right server for my building needs. Pve would be great. Like I said I love building.

I’m ps4 EU
PSn: Arcanum-Fantasia

Would love to join!

We have a community page named BAMF. There you can see our rules. If you are still interested send me a message jray32363. I try to respond asap. Thanks

One of our admins is EU and he is very active. Message me if you are interested.