3001 Ways to Die (Cluster of 3 Servers with server transfer capabilities: Exiled Lands, Isle of Siptah and Savage Wilds) - US East Coast PC 18+ PvE Modded Servers

Hello fellow Conan Exiles players:

3001 Ways to Die currently has 3 servers in a cluster with a server transfer mod that you can transfer from one server to the other. The servers are listed below. Please note the main server is Exiled Lands since it has all the merchants and welcome center (and will eventually have starter quests). For now I put starter kits at the welcome center with stations for new players to use.

The Savage Wilds server is a modded map server by the Savage Developers (a group of modders).

Our servers are casual play, where you have freedom to build (up to 15k per server) and not worry about decay timers (no decay for structures or followers) although, we do have a rule we can clear out properties of players/clans that were in-active for 4+ months. Usually I clear them after 6+ months.

Our discord is: Conan Exiles: 3001 Ways to Die

For more information about our servers: Guilded - Chat for Gaming Communities

Click here in Guilded image to open up the other server related documents which will open the page shown below.

I am using Guilded as a “free” website where various documents are accessible to read such as mod list, pippi commands, server locations, etc.

Our 3 servers are currently paid until Oct 19, 2022, with plans to renew again next year. I may add another server later this year with another map once server transfers with AST mod works with mod mismatch servers.

I hope you find us interesting to check out our servers. Thank you.

Current mod list tailored for builders