3001 Ways to Die (Cluster of 8 Servers with server transfer capabilities) - US East Coast PC 18+ PvE Modded Servers

Hello fellow Conan Exiles players:

3001 Ways to Die currently has 8 servers in a cluster with a server transfer mod that you can transfer from one server to the other. Just added Sapphire Exiles map server, which is currently being set-up. The servers are listed below.

Isle of Tir-na-Nog is currently in the spring version of mod and we will switch the season when the Real Life seasons changes in North America. Please note, we are set up as heavy modded servers.

The Savage Wilds (SW) server is a modded map created by the Savage Developers (a group of modders).
The Isle of Tir-na-Nog (ITN) server is a modded Exiled Lands map server by Moon Spawn Mods.
The Empire of Stygia server is a modded map created by Dalinsia Snowhunter.
Sapphire Exiles is a modded map created by Moon and Moen.
Snow Hunter Exiled Lands Dungeons server has 7 Dalinsia Snowhunter map modification mods.

Exiled Lands at the moment does not have the Darkwoods mod due to the Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Event Dungeon broke with the mod. Possibly bring back the Darkwoods with the next Age.

Please note: Each server has a different mod list so server transfers will take a bit longer. (ES to IoS is the exception since they currently have the same mod list for quicker transfers to base game maps)

Our servers are casual play, where you have freedom to build (up to 7k to 16k per server depending on clan size - Although SNOW server has smaller limits) and not worry about decay timers (no decay for structures or followers) although, we do have a rule we can clear out properties of players/clans (level 100 or below) that were in-active for 4+ months. For high levels players / clans (over level 100), we have a 6 month timer before Admins may wipe their properties. (Please note, the exception is anyone 30 or lower will have only 2-month retention timers for inactivity. This is assumed those players quit the servers after a couple days of playing.) Waiver may be granted for extended in-activity. Please note, with a mod, our top level is 300.

Additional features include:

  • Optional Bonus Attributes (religious quest rewards) plus 1 attribute gained every 16 levels post level 60.
    Level 300 is the server cap.
  • Optional Starter and Loyalty Kits
  • Increased Stamina and Weight gains per point spent on Grit / Encumbrance Attributes

Our discord is: 3001 Ways to Die (Gaiscioch Family)

For more information about our servers: https://www.3001waystodie.com/

Our 7 servers are currently paid until Feb 13, 2024 or Mar 20, 2024 (SE server) or June 8, 2024,(SNOW server) or June 23, 2024 (Isle of Amazons server)

I hope you find us interesting to check out our servers. Thank you.

Current mod list tailored for builders