3041 PVE-C Junk

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Region: [EU]

[Since October we had a few connection issues where we needed to let the game sit for 10 minutes to load. Then it started getting worse in November. Could not log onto the server after 6pm. Then started getting earlier and earlier. Now I have to log in at 3am if I want to play. If you try logging in at 9am it will just give you the infinite loading screen and your character dies. Then I saw the awesome news that a patch was coming for the PS4 to fix this. There was a god. Maybe all those Zendesk tickets someone got them or now had a clue the game was broke. Downloaded the new patch and bam nothing has changed. Developers are probably just working hard on Siptrah not worrying about everyone else. I loved this game. But part of me wants to perdue legal action for an unplayable game. Go ahead and take my money for a game I cannot play. I know other players have had this issue on other servers just not us and yet no response. Would be nice to have a game that’s playable. I will not invest anymore into Funcom since they are horrible at what they do.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Hi you are not alone;

My post;

Report post;


Also they have officially acknowledged this issue now.

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