31.2017 Return pvp to the game! MAYHEM

I have been playing this game since January 31, 2017. The start was awful but we played. Now what? That’s what bothers me and pushes me away. You removed the server Mayhem, removed completely, PVP in the game about survival time ??? this is ridiculous. I woke up in the morning and there was no base, it does not matter, I know what game I play. In Rust for some reason, the base of the players is more and all is well. Return server 24/7 MAYHEM! I bought the game and played only on these servers! And now only PVE game.

  • AI. That’s what’s terrible in this game, the scariest part. You have great artists in a team, but those in charge of AI are just an example of poor performance. Hire people from the Ark team, they will show you how to do AI.Look at the AI ​​in the game The Forest.
    You have added pets, it looks like a slave to a useless thing. Where are the teams? why can’t I order my tamed wolf to attack the enemy ???
    -Bag endless inventory in furnaces, etc.
  • Gods are useless.
    At the moment this is a game about flowers and butterflies, but not about the harsh survival in the world of Conan!
    You have 30 empty servers with 0 players! Return MAYHEM!
    I do not ask to remake all the servers, I ask to return the server because of what I bought the game and which I always played
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“They deleted the server that my friends and I always played on.” Without asking, just deleted and added PVEPVP with raid time. They do not even try to try something by changing the server settings. All players sit in other games, they have nothing to do in Conan. “Does anyone know how to do this?” In this forum, 90% of the players are PVE. I know they will throw stones at me, but I am not alone. I don’t understand how you can play Conan on Pve servers, it’s terribly boring!

With others players, playing PvE isnt that boring to everyone.

You are a pure pvp player. Of course there is no beauty to you in discovering other players homes or dancing the nights away together. Or whatever else one would do in pve.

However I agree that there should be a few Mayhem servers. I think they might be crowded at first, but dont open too many servers.

Yes, a few servers would be great!

Бог не может уничтожить 1 блок Т3. Это нелепо.

No block has been destroyed!


Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve been discussing timed servers or events for PvP Servers going forward. It is a bit difficult to judge how interested the general PvP Community would be in such servers.
We’ve also discussed bringing back Mayhem and I can definitely bring it up again.

Regarding your “gods are useless” input. I feel that’s a very personal opinion but it might help to know that the gods and the whole sieging system are planned to be re-balanced and re-evaluated by Oscar.

Unless you are referring to us changing PvEC servers into PvP and then right back a day after right after launch I am not sure what you were referring to. If you mean that particular event, that really shouldn’t have a huge impact on your since they were original PvEC servers and were only designated to PvP for a day :slight_smile:

@Tascha Would it be possible for two times a day flagged PvP times? The down side to PvP is my friends and I can’t seem to get together during your allotted time. We are stuck doing onesy or twosy instead of a full clan during PvP times?

I played on Mayhem servers until May 8, 2017. After the release of the game you removed them. I just ask you to return several such servers. Now there are a lot of empty official servers. I don’t think this is a problem for you. I don `t know where you got that Mayhem servers were not popular. Look now at the official server. It was the same with Mayhem. The problem is not in popularity, but in the amount of the player base. I think the launch of Mayhem servers will return to the game Old players, who, like me, bought it on 31.2017 and played on such servers. Thanks for the answer, I hope you bring my thought.
Oh yeah, when can I point my wolf to attack an opponent?

The reason you can’t “point” your Pet at an enemy is because they’re Thralls that look like Wolves Bears Tigers ect, and as such, they run on a slightly modified “Thrall” AI, Pets are not pets, just different looking thralls, it’s pretty lame actually …notice all the exact same bugs/glitchs between the two as an example.

It’s actually something we are looking into for the thrall system in general. It was brought up as a suggestion many times and we are indeed considering it. It’s more of an issue where and how we can fit it into the development schedule :slight_smile:


I’m begging you don’t add Ark AI. Ark AI is really bad, I actually like the AI in this game. They actually show decent intelligence by not randomly jumping off off cliffs. This game has some better Survival game AI i’ve seen.

I have no want to be on one, but there is certainly an audience for the Mayhem servers. It is definitely something that needs to be returned to the game. :slight_smile:

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That’s cool)
As for the Mayhem servers, I hope you tell the team. 3 servers will be good for a start)))

What he means:
First Mayhem got stomped/deleted, then PvE-C was added.
So he meant that he and his friends always played on Mayhem, which got deleted and kind of replaced by PvE-C.

Me personally?

Bring back Mayhem, but only a few for starters.
Like 1 or 2 for each region.

During EA with combatupdate and Purge, testlive were mayhem and nobody needed to pay attention to live servers. I think that is the main reason why those died? But I dont have any numbers.

IMO there is a good reason behind delivering Mayhem again:

Conan Exiles started off being presented (or being perceived?) as an clan vs clan pvp game.
Since then, it gained a ton of PvE contant and I am really thankful for that.

PvP had stayed all the time, but I guess I havent been the only one to chicken out on those - I needed a step in between those two.

So we had PvE, PvP and Mayhem for a long, long time. Thats 3 steps in “difficulty”.

  • PvE being the easiest since players didnt have to worry about other players. Aside of griefers…!
  • PvP was set to be medium with only limited time for raiding.
  • Mayhem having been the hardest with 24/7 raiding.

I was happy when PvE-C got announced as that served as an additional step between PvE and PvP.

And I started on PvE-C on launch and totally snapped when they got warped into full PvP two days later. Later other players could explain why that “had” to happen - GPortal not having enough servers anymore and thus some… people… decided to kind of delete PvE-C… I totally snapped. Sorry about that, I didnt mean to attack people who didnt decide that, yet I did… :frowning:

So with mayhem coming back, there would be 4 small steps which may be taken by players who are the same kind of chicken like myself.
Instead of keeping “dead” servers in those quanities and along with future events and big content updates limited time servers might be rolled out of all of these 4 kinds. (Meaning PvE, PvE-C, PvP and Mayhem.)


Sorry, I have to! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah man I get what you’re saying. The AI still is not more intelligent than the average dust mite. But still, At least they don’t commit suicide trying to catch you by jumping off cliffs. Allthough a cliff finisher would be cool, Just kicking someone off off a cliff and see them fall would be fun.


Instead, they teleport and die ;p

I agree, seeing more jumping/launch polishness would be great to have, always in favor for gameplay enhancement , and for everything that could have an emotion, like the shallow walk&getting out of the water, FC nailed beautifully with those ones, I imagine the game more painted with the others, the player would perfectly blend with the scenery, drinking water from the river, or the well, concealing weapon/tool and still displaying in the characters body, we already have the draw ones, one thing that i miss sometimes is some Idle animations, at least one or two, maybe choosing from the char creation like we do with the voices, the more depth, the more choices.

Actually they even jump down to commit suicide because they dont want to be enslaved… How can you call that unintelligent! :joy: Lost a gnash to that…

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