31.2017 Return pvp to the game!

I have been playing this game since January 31, 2017. The start was awful but we played. Now what? That’s what bothers me and pushes me away. You removed the server Mayhem, removed completely, PVP in the game about survival time ??? this is ridiculous. I woke up in the morning and there was no base, it does not matter, I know what game I play. In Rust for some reason, the base of the players is more and all is well. Return server 24/7 MAYHEM! I bought the game and played only on these servers! And now only PVE game.

  • AI. That’s what’s terrible in this game, the scariest part. You have great artists in a team, but those in charge of AI are just an example of poor performance. Hire people from the Ark team, they will show you how to do AI.Look at the AI ​​in the game The Forest.
    You have added pets, it looks like a slave to a useless thing. Where are the teams? why can’t I order my tamed wolf to attack the enemy ???
    -Bag endless inventory in furnaces, etc.
  • Gods are useless.
    At the moment this is a game about flowers and butterflies, but not about the harsh survival in the world of Conan!
    You have 30 empty servers with 0 players! Return MAYHEM!

I am a player who played exclusively on MAYHEM servers until May 8, 2018. 90-day servers are a game needed right from the start. Severera lags behind the horror. Cleaning does not work.
“They deleted the server that my friends and I always played on.” Without asking, just deleted and added PVEPVP with raid time. They do not even try to try something by changing the server settings. All players sit in other games, they have nothing to do in Conan. “Does anyone know how to do this?” In this forum, 90% of the players are PVE. I know they will throw stones at me, but I am not alone. I don’t understand how you can play Conan on Pve servers, it’s terribly boring!

1: AI in ARK is horrendous and just as easily exploited if not easier. (Wyvern traps <3) Also there’s no human enemies in ARK either. Also attack commands and such are supposedly being worked on. Lastly, AI isn’t one size fits all, it’s tailored for the game environment that it has to “live” in.

The only thing for AI I’d like to see added is the ability for living human enemies to also know how to climb if needed.

2: The Mayhem servers as you call them, I’m assuming you mean the 90-day servers or auto-wiping once, which were removed because they were so unpopular that “no one” even touched them. The demand for that game type was so low it was just a losing battle to keep them. Sure they got empty servers, but those are with game modes people actually want to play.

But sure post it as a suggestion, maybe they’ll add one server of the type were you and your friends can play, but based on the forums you’d basically be all on your own with maybe two or three new ppl. So eventually you’ll get bored of that as well cause there’s no one to fight with unless you and your friends wants to fight each other.

I understand that you are new to the game. No, MAYHEM these were PVP servers 24/7 raids. For real server players. And not PVEPVP that is now, and MAYHEM servers were always full. But when Conan was played by a maximum of 1,000 people, there were about 20 people on the servers. I do not ask to remake all the servers, I ask to return the server because of what I bought the game and which I always played

What were Mayhem servers?

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