! 3100 ps4 official Server clan Corona Virus!

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how often do you have to report someone until something happens ??? that’s an insolence to call yourself that. please finally remove these players otherwise I’ll make it public … they insult, they call themselves that and nothing happens ???
I can not send hier pictures…
But Show on the Server…
All players are online.

I’m sorry, are you seriously filing a complaint because a clan named themselves “Corona Virus”? Or did I miss something?


Yes of course! thousands of people died from the virus … it is an insult to every family that misses you … we still need to discuss! the clan insults many players with messages, insults and says bad expressions. we don’t need to talk about it.

many messages with pictures were sent to funcome. nothing happens … it is enough. we both don’t need to talk anymore. it’s bad!!! when the clan attacks, the event log * Corona Virus has killed (name) that …

If they’re engaging in harassment and hate speech in chat, that is something you should complain about. But complaining about the clan name? You’re not gonna get anywhere with that while you’re playing a game that incorporates slavery and even makes it necessary to succeed in-game.


there are limits to the game too. if a person is attacked in his, it violates his fundamental right in a democracy. no matter if game or not. there are limits to the name too. not a racist no dictators no NS names no names that violate violence. Calling his clan like that is outrageous. they see it differently. OK. but I don’t have to put up with it. and if we can do what we want in a game, where does it end ???

is it ok to do racist expressions these days? screenshots are available. So you don’t want to do anything against expressions, racist comments and discrimination? do I understand you right?

No, you don’t understand me right, but I think that’s because we speak different languages. I don’t know enough of German to convey what I want with enough precision, but let me try in English anyway.

First, I’m not actually working for Funcom or affiliated with them in any way. I’m just another player.

Second, if I were working for Funcom, I would take racist comments and other hate speech seriously. That’s something nobody should have to tolerate.

Third, you mention fundamental rights in a democracy. I don’t know about you, but I believe free speech is one of those fundamental rights and whenever it’s infringed upon, it has to be a for a damn good reason. Naming your clan “Corona Virus” or “Bubonic Plague” or “HIV” isn’t a good enough reason, for the same reason “Krakatoa” or “Mount Vesuvius” aren’t problematic. Naming it “KKK” or “Arbeit macht frei” would be, in my own personal opinion, a reason to force a name change, because they actually refer to atrocities perpetrated by humans.

Finally, I would suggest either sending a direct message or just tagging Hugo or Ignasis. Provide them with the evidence of actual racist comments by these people and I hope they will intervene.


I use google translater. I think sometimes it translates wrong. there should be no attack on them. we have already sent a lot of evidence but unfortunately without success. I hope something happens soon.

it is hallucinating to read certain things, do you want these people to be banned for this? remember that you are in a game. many of them may even be kids not aware of what they write.

I mean if my clans name was “bubonic plague” would you still feel this way? Whats that old saying about knowing a man by his actions? I hope things dont get mussed in translation, and im not tryna to make personal attacks. But i see tasteless bores and thin skin.

Personally, hot take incoming, i dont care about hatespeak or racism. Sticks and stones kittens. Im a straight white guy, everyday someones generalizing me about how bigotted or misogynistic all men are cause of patriarchy and racism. Go over to google and type “men are” and wait to see the autofilled suggestions then type “women are” one of my google suggestions was “women are saving star wars” alongside other stunning and brave suggestions, but for men … well go find out yourself. Silence speaks volumes. So “hatespek” has lost all umpfh or meaning to me, yeah yeah you didnt like what someone said. But video game companies eat that stale runny human fecial matter (4 letter bad word) up like child appropriate term for human fecial matter (4 letter synonym for the same bad word) sammichs. Get some screenshots of their racisms and harassment and report um to sony. But being upset about their name? Na. I dont support your opinion or theirs, but i would lean to agree with leaving their name be. 1 makes it real obvy who not to play with. 2 im not cool on censorship, regardless of how trivial and tasteless peoples opinions are.

I was on this server… They are crazy, to wipe small tribes is a hobby of the clans on the server… Terrible… When you got raidet they send messages like p… sy or something like that

the name is a thing, but the expressions and the racism and threats? we sent pictures, wrote emails and wrote playstation. nothing happens. how far can you go to play? game is game but racism and threats are no longer a game. so nobody was brought up. no matter what you say.

I don’t think you understand we want them to go because they are toxic. the name is just one thing among many.

Great name, I’ll call the clan that, too. The 1322 DDoS server has been running for several days .

The name Corona Virus isn’t racist, as you mention above.

The only way it would ever be considered that was if it was solely affecting one race, which as rumor goes, is Asian.

Which would mean conspiracy theories were right in which this is man made.

Which means more conspiracy theories are right that China created this.

Which means more conspiracy theories are right and this is the 2020 version of Tiananmen Square.

I don’t think the name is racist.

People nowadays are too sensitive. We have laws to protect us, get a lawyer and sue them if you believe you have a case. I don’t know, maybe it is just me who had to deal with much worse than someone being a ■■■■ to me in a video game.

This, however, is not a reason enough for me to force a name change.


in my opinion it is a pretext to eliminate me since you are not able to face them. I wonder if it isn’t really you who is taking advantage of the situation

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you understand a mile away that you are afraid of these people in the server. if you are not up to it, change the serve