34 static attribute points from gear - can it go higher?

With my mix and match armor, plus weapon choice (bow is my preference), I have a total of 34 attribute points. I haven’t found all the new stuff yet, but feel this is pretty close to as much as we can get now. Anyone put together more?

I’m not using any temporary buffs. Just what is built into the armor and weapons.

Yes, I am also aware that most points doesn’t mean most efficient use of points. Just goofing around.

Yeah, you can get more

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Oh, I just noticed my new bow does +10 Accuracy. Sweet! I was only expecting 5, so now I’m at 39.

I hope to find that one soon. I have Derketo’s. Just found it yesterday. Had been hoping for my old Huntress, but am much happier with this one :slight_smile:

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