34878-0 error and game crash how to fix Ps4

I have tried this two times now just to make sure .
Cut off your console turn it back on but use the safe mode setting, to do this u need to hold the power button down tell it beebs then go to rebuild data this takes at least 4 mins and you can now rejoin your old sever and that constant blue screen popping up stops to. If it return you know how to fix it again tell a later patch comes out.

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Make sure to leave a post in the tread if this helps you so other people can get back on their game cause it sucks to lose 100+ hours worth of data

Hi there,

I have moved this thread to the #conan-exiles:Exiles-PS4-Updates topic for more visibility.

I will try this and update you. If it works, expect me to reach through here and give you a giant kiss. Tongue to tongue your call.


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