3505 freezing then login freeze

Please be as descriptive as possible!

Game mode: Online |
Problem: Crash | Performance |
Region: America

Server 3505

Every few hours myself and a friend freeze Completely. We try to login, the game never loads. If it does load we will be frozen stuck in place.

Only one time did we get it fixed. We both restarted the playstation and everything was fine (yesterday).

Today though it has happened again. We have been waiting over an hour to try to login.

Also I lose voice chat/party network connection with ps4 every single time the server list loads. Which as of late has been a recurring issue.

Having the same problem on same server seems to be at the south near the dude who built that tower

A group of three of us have had it happen all over the map. Then after we close the app and restart we can’t LG back in its just infinite load screens.

US Official 3508 is doing same thing. We froze in game tried to relog stuck on loading screen. Has been cple hrs Please fix :frowning:

Also our server is having infinite load screens I froze by the south river also on server 3728