3505 lag spikes since day 1

Game mode: [Online]
Region: [america]

server 3505 has been having game breaking lag spikes since day 1 other servers dont seem to be having this bad of lag. its so bad the only time i die in the game is when the spikes hit the server is nearly unplayable why has this not been fixed yet???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log in
2.wait for lag spike
4.lose everything

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I play on this server and I have also had game-breaking lag since day one. When building or gathering, it isn’t too bad and I can “adjust” to it. But it has made combat very difficult. I frequently die to simple things like snakes because of lag spikes. I really wanted to try out the Dregs, but I am terrified of going through everything and having the lag spike in the middle of the boss fight.

Can also confirm this. Is getting really frustrating especially getting back the body bc either u never know where you died and have to relly on the map or the body goes invicible

The lag on 3505 makes it nearly unplayable. I may consider moving but having spent a bunch of hours playing/building it would suck.