36 Minutes for Night Stalker Pants?

Just made Night Stalker Pants in a Garrison Bench with a T4 and it took 36 Minutes!
While it is clear that garrison benches are slower, I find this a bit excessive, conan should not be an idle game :slight_smile:

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Hi welcome back to the forums, it’s been a long two years without your insightful contributions.

Who are you again? What does this have to do with anything?

Anyways, back to OP’s topic;

Eldarium armors all take a long time to craft. They’re very expensive, and very endgame tier armor. This is intentional for balance sake. I’d suggest queue up your set while you’re out doing something else

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What does this “comment” if you can even call it that have to do with anything?

Well considering you haven’t been here in 2 years you have a good 2 years of patch notes to go read up on and then you can see all of the bug fixes they have done. Because it’s a hell of a lot more than 0.

But I thought you just said you thought this game was purchased… :woman_facepalming: So which is it? Is it not “freemium” or does it not warrent a price tag? Try to stick to one side of your own “argument”.

yeah, i get that, but 36 minutes for a pair of pants is just too long

so prepare …

They only took 36 minutes? They should take 40 minutes in a Garrison Bench…


for what? Idle Exiles of Cimmeria, the game?


prepare what u need for ur tomorrow adventures… i guess u wont die for ONE day without the gear u crafting…

well, i have to outfit 50 thralls with those pants…

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Gl on this …xd

Lay down more benches, split materials and reduce crafting time… Use campaign bench…

of course i am going to do that, but i still think that it is far to long. 5 minutes, fine, 10 minutes, ok, but 36?

i am ok with OP gear not to be ready fast… on the other hand i speak of pve point of view…

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OP gear rate of production shouldn’t be PVE PVP difference. If you get legendary effects, you should have to wait.

I play on pve-c, so when the guards are at full level, they receive a signature uniform, which, besides still being useful, also makes them look cool and recognizable

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on the contrary,one of the biggest mistakes FC has done so far is that she treats pvp and pve alike , trying to balance two absolutely different styles that the game needs u to adapt to in order to enjoy each mode most… in pve all that can suffer from a player getting Op stuff is some npcs… in pvp the waiting time is more of a strategic move… better equipped thralls there could make a difference Op stuff there makes a difference (and that is why u see many nerf this nerf that posts coming mostly from players that try to keep up with pvp servers… there having double stacking weapons , or a thrall that has insane HP may mean the edge over another player and his builds (for the pure pvp servers)… that is the reason the long time should add more startegy and planning in pvp…

what is the reason to wait in pve?

Because regardless of your target (be it player, monster or general NPC) legendary level gear takes time. That is what eldarium gear is…crafted legendary stuff. I don’t see the difference because they work in both worlds as your expert craftsmen thralls make the gear of legends suitable for their master.

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