3801 ps4 official during raid time cant kill anything or harvest


Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: us west

Cant kill anything or harvest anything during raid time. Buildings still blow up with bombs but no character (human/npc/animal/etc.) Cant inflict damage to anything including resources.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log into server
2.try to hurt something


Been seeing this posted a lot more lately, plus been part of 2 different servers that had this happen multiple times over a short period of time. My fear is it is player driven (hack.exploit) because i have noticed when this happens, certain clans execute their raids during this time if they are “losing” a war and not getting into some ones bases. Then magically their entire clan is on, they are dropping bombs because repairing is also not an option, just replacing destroyed foundations. No hard evidence, just my computer programmers exploit sensors going off. If you do notice that certain players seem to benefit with the timing of this “bug”, then report them in a separate private message. No proof, means it is just a matter of creating a paper trail on their ID’s, and hope Funcom can/will follow up on.


Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and we’ve been releasing hotfixes on PC to try to alleviate this problem. We’ve also been tracking this issue and gathering information from our community in this thread:

We apologize for the frustration this situation may cause and we appreciate the patience and help from our community while we try to solve this problem.


This is crap. I’m on official. Funcom can reset the server. Before you hastily introduced pets into the game, there were only small glitches. Ever since them the game has slowly fallen apart. I have purchased every dlc for this game in Hopes you would use that money as a resource to fix your game. So far, you’ve let me down. I know a lot of people I’ve convinced to keep playing, now I’m about to stop playing it myself. This is a literally game-breaking glitch and all you have to say is “sorry we are working in it” such trash. Fix your game, conan is the only game bringing real money to your company, I would think this would incentivize you to prioritize it, but so far I see your company taking the Ark approach of content before bug fixes. This is going to bankrupt you.


On ps4, I doubt it’s player initiated. Our server hasn’t experienced any raids during this glitch, people just log off because they can’t play.


We will never know, as Funcom doesn’t ever explicitly say a hot fix or patch is for Major hacks. They will acknowledge ones that have visual proofs, but this is program stuff that one cannot get a video or picture of someone doing it. Either way, it is a too coincidental that it always takes effect when one clan is doing a major raid. Maybe it is not a hack, but more of a knowledge of a combination of game mechanics that triggers the bug.

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