3rd party application / scripts


Are 3rd party application allowed. I’ve seen people playing the classes in the same exact way now for the last 2 weeks. It seems trading scripts are a thing for certain group of players…

example : Ranger 1 hops backwards while shooting the bow in a mini … day 2 : 2 rangers in the same guild are hopping back and shooting the bow in the same way … day 3 : another ranger in a different guild is doing the exact same thing .

Conclussion: a script was traded or bought

Make it clear, are 3rd party scripts / applications allowed ?


I think you might be onto something.

Lately I have seen a lot of players putting one foot in front of the other to move forwards.

Conclussion: These scripts are selling like hot cookies! The NSA must be involved


This is the kind of smooth over this group of players continue to do in these forums to silence people. Its has destroyed the game, and has left servers bare since the merger.

Berate and troll those who want a fair game for all players,instead of the “I’m da winner, even though I cheat” for a select few.

This is whyI;ve asked the question above, all Funcom has to say is yes or no. Yes, then no one can complain; no then we need more in game eyes.


What you are describing is called combo jumping and is possible to do manually without scripts.


Thats not what im talking about all, I’ve conceded the combo jump 2 years ago. This is new , particular / specifically for rangers. If one hasn’t seen it, then it is hard to explain.

I can see if it was a single person, cool he figured it out, but now it is a few players performing the move exactly the same.

even with combo clips, there is a variation per player, with these rangers there isno variation. It is easy to see once you see it with 2 rangers in the same mini game.