3rd person camera nearly unplayable

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug / Performance
Hardware: PS4 Pro

Bug Description:

  1. 3rd person camera nearly unplayable, the character fills half the screen. The camera seems to want to crawl up my characters’ ■■■■ and only during sprinting does the distance become good enough.

  2. Rendering has become ridiculous, the game freezes every 5 seconds or whenever you try to access the inventory.

  3. Water textures turned into this horrid gray sheet that looks so much worse than before, and the scenarios are gradually turning into a cartoonish mess.

I loved this game. I bought all DLCs and Siptah but I’m ready to give up and consider the 150+ dollars I spent as a bad investment. These simple issues pile on each other and the game is just not fun anymore when you spend almost all your time navigating around these annoyances. What are you people doing? Are you trying to make us quit on purpose?

Steps to Reproduce: (Try to) Play the game.

Welcome to the Forum. On my server now and you are right water is not the vibrant blue :blue_heart: any longer more gray even in good sunlight

Rendering is a problem going into some dungeons I on a 1tb ps4 few years old

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If you are interested my wife and I have had server up since the beginning you are welcome to visit

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I am stocking waystations and map rooms


Welcome to the forum!

You should attempt to switch to performance mode;

Main Menu > Settings > Video > Performance Mode

Then extend the FOV;

Settings > Video > Vertical FOV > 105

Good luck!


Hello. I tried that, but I don’t have that option. Maybe it’s a pc or ps5 thing?


The performance mode option is initially available through the main menu (before you select server), not the in game menu. Once selected the FOV slider will also become accessible.

It is a drop down menu, and is available on all platforms.


Thank you so much, that was a huge help!

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You’re welcome!

Could you possibly upload a screenshot of the water texture issue? They did fix some textures recently, so maybe some locations were overlooked…

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