3rd time i lost my half base and the stuff

This forum is such a gem lol. 95% of the people here will take any excuse to leave a snarky comment. Who are you all trying to impress? Does it make you feel good? Clowns.

In any case, decay timers can be super buggy. I’ve checked structures that say they have 400 hours of decay timer left and had them disappear overnight on multiple servers. It seems to happen less with main buildings and larger structures. All I can advise is to keep everything as central or as large as possible and visit it often.

Alternatively, it might have been a purge. They did recently fix those and some of them can be absolutely brutal. Skeleton dragons and mobs that eat through tier 3 in moments, and if it happens when you’re offline you’re gonna come back to shambles. I don’t know if purges show up in the event log either since I’ve actually never experienced one.

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Not trying to flame you, however I have found that the event log is not showing building pieces that have despawned due to stability/instability after I have relogged.

I have found that the event log is not recording the disappearance of my items due to decay either.

I am not specifically tracking these items in order to fill out a bug report, so just accepting that it’s not a very informative system.
I am playing on a pve official server, so not destroyed by a player or admin to mess with my sanity…

My specific example of the event log not recording destruction due to stability recalculations is a single triangle ceiling piece in a spiral staircase that disappeared. I then built a ceiling tile and pillar to support the ceiling tile and had all three pieces in place. I didn’t pay much attention to that area until a few days later when I ran up the stairs and noticed that the triangle ceiling piece was missing again … and so was the pillar and square ceiling tile I had put in place to support it. So I have just tried another approach to get that ceiling tile to stay …
But for each of these despawned items … nothing in the event log.

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