4 mechanic from "Space Engineers" needed in "Conan Exiles"

  1. Multi-panel. Often 8 of cells this little - Weapons, tools, food and potion.(Open the bag to change something. Through 2 minutes again. Irritates) But if I’m an Archer? 5 more types of arrows. During construction also lacks a couple of cells.
    In “Space Engineers” there are 9 panels, each 9 cells. Switching is done by pressing CTRL + number. It is not necessary to make 9 panels, but at least three, it would be very useful.
  2. Conveyor system. In “Space Engineers” you can link the Assembler and the container, so that the Assembler can take the necessary resource. In my opinion, “ConanE” really needs a similar mechanics, but in a different form. I see an implementation like this - "in the workbench interface, for each level of thrall+ 1 for an advanced workbench, a cell appears. Sequential activation of the cell and the nearest chest allows you to create a link.
  3. Clan diplomacy. It’s simple. Two status - War, the World (the rest neutral). The main thing to give settings to the administrator for each status. For example - damage multiplier for enemy/neutral/ally. Time PvP, for enemy/neutral. Damage buildings for enemy/neutral. And the like.(only need a timer that the war involved not immediately, but after 12 hours(for example))
  4. Access settings. Still simple. In SE can be configured to restrict access to a specific door or container (or any object). You can open or close access for everyone, or open access to allies.(the slaves will be safe!!!)
    It would be nice if it was possible to create locks and keys. On the lock and the key need to write the password (I hope the logic is clear). Castle of stone - 1 number. Castle from iron - 2 number of. Steel - 3 numbers. Tempered steel/Meteorite - 4 digits. The problem is that the key can be take with corpse (Can be avoided if the key will break on death. And/or you can create a key from rare resources that remains in your pocket after death.).
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This would be too easy to exploit. Stealing passwords would happen waaaay too often.

No one would want to risk losing the keys enough to make the lock and key to begin with. Too much risk, not enough reward.

With lock and key only option. Just a flight of fancy. Not assertion that “need to do precisely so and not otherwise!”

If optional, I suppose one could use it. Just a harder option I suppose.

It’s over for Conan if space engineers comes to console

By that logic, Conan would already be “over” on PC, no?


Didn’t you hear? Conan Exiles is already “over” since last update. Or the one before that. And probably even before that. Every time Funcom updates something the game “dies”. I read it on the internet so it must be true.


I meant for me, I can dump a ton of hours into space engineers

I may not understand something, but shouldn’t it be the other way around? The appearance of something new does not keep the old players and does not attract new ones?
I don’t have many examples, but “Warframe” has changed a lot since 2014. The old functionality has been changed and many new features have appeared. Why does “ConanE” have such problems?

Playing on servers I faced the following problems:

  1. it is Difficult to help and to accept help from another clan (kill the boss, for example). My Lydia is attacking a temporary ally. Random attacks from players. Offensively…
  2. to have a normal neighborhood with a friend, we unite the clan. Because my NPCs attacked my friend. In turn neighbors-NPC attacked me. But the Union has created many other problems.
    I want PvP. But I don’t want to fight every clan. With one clan I want to have an Alliance, with another clan I want to fight, and from another clan I do not want to expect a trick. Why this does not have the right to implement? (I’m tired of looking for a server where my house won’t be destroyed while I’m sleeping)

Linking can and lazily. But it takes a lot of time to constantly shift the same resource tiring. Move the stones from the chest to the workbench for Chinese furniture, then move the same stones to another workbench for Greek furniture. Oh! Need to make 10 bricks, where are my stones? But there are not only stones. Still have rare resources that are impossible to have in large quantity, but you need on several workbenches.

(it was difficult to spread the link. “+” change to “.” )
Compared to the horror that people install on the server (minimap and advanced interface) it looks harmless. The need for more “cells”?. Sword, shield, bow, cheap arrows, powerful arrows, poison arrows, throwing weapons, food (a small restoration of HP), potion (usually two types), the tool of religion (Ankh, for example), a knife for skin. Only I use a similar set?
And I don’t understand why this should degrade performance if these cells don’t render.

I can not afford to rent a server now (especially since the Moscow server is 1.5 times more expensive). And if I rent, the settings don’t allow me to do as I want.

The fact is that when it ends in one box, you have to get out of the other. It is difficult for me to give an example.

I don’t agree. The player has all the items already loaded. What does it matter if the items are on the panel or in inventory? But in the case of the chest items are loaded separately, so the load. (But it’s weird. The processor should not constantly use the chest.)

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