40% Of server unplayable due to excessive pointless building


We have 3 clans blocking all back ice, entrances to main quests etc. Most of the server is now unplayable, I have photos of many areas they have covered.

I cannot work out for the life of me how to report this, it should be an easier process.

All the details are in here.

Thanks, I’ve tried this I cant seem to send it directly via messages?

I find this hard to believe. The vast majority of black ice is in the frost temple and it is a no build zone.

I have pictures of all of it lol from many different view points and areas. It’s bizarre.

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you must have missed this part in the post :wink:

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Clearly lol thank you. Didn’t really want to read hundreds of instructions to make one bloody report lol.

I don’t. The Frost Temple may be a no build zone, but the surrounding land isn’t. Also, wouldn’t be hard to lay a road along the ridges above and yonder the temple.

Never underestimate the determination of jerks.


The obelisk is inside the no build zone too, so you can get there, but if they built walls with fencing or spikes on the top around the no build zone, you can’t get out, so the no build zone became a no escape zone also.

This is exactly what has happened. Shame I can’t upload photos but they have covered literally 40% of the map in long maze like patterns with black ice foundations. Then blocked off entrances like the witch queen, frost temple, I have no idea how it’s even been possible. Must be tens of thousands of foundations it lags most the server. They’ve blocked off half of the jungle too.

That’s, not an accurate statement. I have accidently despawned all the black ice before.

Since the last update all the spamming is causing us to be thrown around the map when going near them which is impossible to avoid. Is there any way to get support other than these stupid forums? It’s unplayable.

What server are you having this problem on? I’ll join the server and make a ban request for you provided everything you said is true.

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Sorry this is a very late reply. Haven’t played since because of the issues. Some of the other alpha clans have blown through bits of it. All you need to do is look at the savannah area to see what I mean that is everywhere. Half the jungle still blocked. Server 3217. Thank you.

I just realized this is ps4 section. Thought it was PC platform.

As I don’t own a console myself, I can’t help you.

I suggest to find a way to upload screenshots from your ps4 to a pc, then upload them again with imgur (website to upload pictures and get them as a link for forum use) and send them into a message to either Ignasis or Hugo using the proper template for a complaint.

Best regards.