40 Players only?

Why a temporal server size reduction is now the oficial server size in the game launch?

Were is the promised 100 players size servers?

Increase the map size and no increase players size have some sense?

We can expect some day a biggers servers size?

And the more important. In actual game server size we can expect long time waiting to enter on a server, are posible you add a server queery list? To avoid refresh 1000 times until you get a slot and fight to push play vs the other people waiting to enter?

@Sycopata I Aggree! This is ridiculous!!!

Please take the time to read the other threads on this issue… it has been THOROUGHLY discussed.

Today is the release day. I expected this issues being solved in release pach.

Again, if you take the time to read up on the what and why… you’d understand… or you can continue to whine and complain…

When wil the Day 1 Patch drop? Today ? Or annother time. Because the server issues are a big "Thing’ Among players

I searched your participating treaths and the only similar to my request are the relatet on clan sizes. And i speak about server sizes. Query to enter in server… also noticed you are so much fan boy to get some objective opinion.

Well, you have to criticize and complain so Funcom atleast know their customers are discontented. You payed for the game and should be able to play - if Funcom can’t handle bigger servers (which is just shame if you consider size of the map now), honestly launching with big community and tiny servers without any kind of queue is just ridiculous.

I am on server now and game itself looks incredible, but this wibbly wobbly timey wimey server stuff kinda breaking the fun, as I am unable to play with friends who just can’t get back on our server. :smiley:

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