45 angle Building blocks

Im sure this has come up before, and while i do appreciate the wedge blocks that we have access to that does help in terms of building creativity, please, PLEASE for the love of all that is Mitra, add 45 degree blocks. There are certain ways to build that you can only get with these pieces that the wedges simply do not allow. I am aware that because of their shape, one side will be longer than another and either make building wonky by stretching walls, or just outright deny building of walls to said side, however how us players can utilize these pieces is to our discretion. There are a lot of us who can make those pieces work, and while there would be those that struggle, at least it would be an option that we could use.

So please add these to the game. I want this game to be the best it can without sacrificing anything, and this is something that should barely take much effort in doing for a lot of quality of life.


As much as it’d be great if that was true, it just isn’t. The amount of complaints if they added foundations without corresponding walls, doors, stairs, roofs… etc etc would be insane. It’s been suggested (and denied on those grounds) many many times.

The reasons why it’d be completely impractical to add all the pieces I won’t go into, as you already seem to know.

The only solution to this (and similar) issues is adaptable geometry, which is way out of scope for CE.

I wonder if they’ll ever add a section of the forums called: Suggestions & Ideas that have been previously addressed…maybe an FAQ?

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