4710 hours in game and very impressed

Like the title states, I am VERY impressed with the way FC has developed the game. Every time I have become bored, they throw something in that gets my attention and makes me keep playing. The little bugs are easy to ignore or work around and I havent seen a major issue in a long time. Played 7 months on PVP servers and the rest on PVE and PVE-C. The small graphics details have always amazed me, and when I saw steam coming out of my mouth the other day up in the freezing area, I was wowed again. Good job!


4710 hours…@_@

I’m such a newb.

chances are you’re actually just an employed, productive member of society.

PVE in Conan is amazing


If you played 12 hours a day, that is 392 days of continuous play. I’m going to look up some good counseling resources for you…

Seriously though, that is some hard core addiction there. I typically run 12-18hrs a day when I first get into new, highly addictive games like this, but it trickles off after a month or so. By my 3rd month, I usually settle into a general 3-6 hour daily pattern, which keeps my marriage intact and my business afloat.

Hard core JJ. I can only imagine how massive your buildings are on your main server.

He joined in March 2018, which is when this forum was first created. Prior to that it was all on Reddit or the Steam forums. That means he’s likely been playing since early access release in March 2017, so take your numbers and divide by two. Which is still a lot, but much more likely.

Yeah JJ is one of the Day 1 Players who still does his thing. As for me, April 8 is my 2-year anniversary, and as of now I have about 4.8 hours per day on average. At the most I’ve taken off 2 weeks for root canal and hay-cutting season. :smiley:


With 2338 hours, I’m still a bit of a noob compared to our friend. Although I am strictly PvP :slight_smile:

(Bow at the feet of…)
Am only at 2,500 hours - and the breath-smoke, sunsets and sunrises, the movement and attack moves. The detail in the landscape and the fact that, although having gone through all three regions many times as an admin checking base-builds, still find hidden things. Marvelous job FunCom Art, Design and Developers! @Tascha

Many thanks for being a part of our community for so long.
We know, we’re not perfect, we make mistakes but we try to improve. We do appreciate constructive feedback and working with our community and listening to your constructive criticism and suggestions is important to us.

It’s also very nice to hear positive things every now and then, especially since we can take that back to the team too. They have been and are working so incredibly hard for all of us and positive encouragement is definitely a nice incentive besides all the feedback they are getting.

So thank you very much for that :slight_smile:


I’m sitting at 4428. Right behind you JJ someday I will pass you and that one other guy with the crazy worldwide hour total. Of course I have a full time job now, so not as much time for CE.

This is absolutely one of the best patches ever. I have been waiting for the day when npc’s and animals got tougher to kill.

Now we just need balance pass on all the weapons for pvp and a purpose for all the different foods and we are golden. Oh and another biome, a half dozen new dungeons, more mobs… etc :wink:

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I feel like a noob around here with only 900 hours or so, but yeah still love the game. Been playing on and off since the first day of early access and really cant wait to see what comes next.

Oh, I get mad and upset at times, but I still think this is an awesome game. I love it.

1800+ hours. PS4 no less. Due to PVP only play style, I sometimes come across an area of the map i never fully absorbed visually (because always hustling, always grinding for war). And it rekindles the juices of why i love this game.

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