4x harvest rates

I thought the rates were a passing thing because of the problems when this sorcery first launched but it seems that they are here to stay. Now Funcom has trouble handling the land claim spams it causes, they aren’t able to even investigate the reports because they just flood in. How about returning the rates back to normal so we can play properly once again? There’s no sense in this.

The said they wanted people to be able to rebuild easier after being raided. Personally I think it should remain. Blaming foundation spam on harvest rate is silly. It’s also the holidays and they’ve already stated they’d be away for a bit. You will be ok.


Agreed. However obscure the rules are or even if they were clear, the current model elicits personal responsibility. Foundation spam is a choice, not a requirement and certainly was never a measure of ones’ wealth. It always existed and will continue to exist as long as people snub the ToC. This is why the ToC became enforced in the first place.

@Koschgine if you have not already consider speaking to the culprit. Educate them, kindly. Point them to the ToC and ask that they follow its guidance. Please always go this route first before reporting as the system is one of many faults; as individual players, the system in place and by its enforcement methods.


This was exactly what i was doing and never report a single person! A kindly approach with light conversation in the beginning for several gaming issues which would lead eventually to this conversation as well!
Did it worked?
Many times.
Unwanted results?
To be called a griefer from some persons…
What do i do now?
Nothing, if a server is ruined, i just go!
It’s not my job to pull out the snake from the hole!
Is it correct?
No, but i am tired!
They have to improve their method, i can’t help anymore in this part, it’s my own right to decide this way. I love the game, i love the official servers, but i can’t do it anymore. I am tired, i am there to play and meet people, have fun!

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