$5 Accounts can't use mail system

How many people have been gone years and decided to resub their $5 Sloob account to check out RK2019?

Well Funcom says FU, you’re not a paying customer… “the mail system is for paying customers only.”

Can’t mail/transfer ourselves Credits or items…fml.

I didn’t know mail wasn’t enabled for sloob accounts by default, but froob accounts have the option to get mail access with a one-time purchase. I would guess you’d have the same option then.

You can log in on register.funcom.com, click “Special Offers and Upgrades”, and then select “Activate the Mail System”. The price is €5,75.

We don’t even have the option to buy access.

I’m having a hard time on this new server and being able to transfer/mail credits would of been helpful.

Try to ask an orgmate/friend to help you with your transaction. That’s even faster than mail, and it takes no extra fees

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I have it activated on my account yet I cant use it.

Already petitioned it and am waiting for a reply :confused:

Sorry to hear about the problem :frowning:
I would recommend creating a ticket at help.funcom.com though; petitions are for in-game problems and they can’t help you with account related issues there.

Yeah good idea thunderecstazy, now I just need to find an active Clan org to join on Rubi-ka2019.

Joining a org hadn’t been on my mind much since I was really really low level.

They don’t exist?

On a side note, I don’t think I’m going to resub when it’s time in two weeks. Affording things in shops and getting semi-decent weapons has felt like an impossibility for me.

It’s not feeling even worth paying $5 to play.

Its not fun like it was when I started in 2004 because back then what kept me going was learning how the game worked and exploring new places etc. Now everything just feels like crap.

It reminds me of that South Park episode where Stan becomes cynical and everything he sees and hears seems like literal crap.