+5 Survival on Shield of Zabweth don't register

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+5 Survival on Shield of Zabweth don’t register at all. Before the server update I used the shield for resource gathering, giving me the extra +5 necessary to bump my Survival up to 20. But now when I apply the shield nothing happens. Mining of the nodes takes a long time as with having between 0-19 in Survival.

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  1. Works every time consistently. Nothing happens when equipping the shield. It should change and give the extra +5. But it registers as if being a regular shield.

I would apprechiate it very much if this could be restored to once again work for me to be able to gather resources quicker and enjoy building in this beautiful game.
Thanks in advance ^_^/

Hello @Grafenskopa, welcome to the community!

We’ll register this issue for the team to look into, thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

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