500 items on the list to be patched

We are also currently working on stabilizing a patch that consists of over 500 changes/adjustments/fixes. These range from relatively small (worldbuilding fixes, improved animations and hitboxes, Audio fixes) to bigger (balancing work, adjustments to Purges, new attacks for some bosses), to only name a few. However, due to the sheer size and number of items in this patch, we want to make sure we have as much time as possible to stabilize this build before being able to ship it to you.

this is the kind of nonsense that dragged out the last major patch for several months… that is completely unacceptable… DO NOT patch a list of 500 items at a time anyways… every time your team patches and fixes 1 thing you break 2 other things… MAYBE the reason is because you try to patch so much at once…

YOU need to figure this out already… if you can not at least release weekly patches for broken parts of your game you might as well just start issuing refunds out. and you do not need to wait 3-4 months to release a HUGE patch… by the time your patch hits the game will be dead AGAIN. like it was the last time you dragged your feet telling us about all the “cool stuff” coming soon… which was promised the next month… but then that was dragged out 2 more months.


And while we’re at, learn how to properly line up the cheese on my burgers with the patty McDonald’s guy!

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I wonder if this is because of the multiple platform and method for delivery? I don’t usually play console games so I don’t know how often a company can update their game on a console and how patching works in general on game consoles.

Just a curious thought. Iterative releases and agile programming should be common place, even in smaller studios. shrug

they were dragging their butts in the sand before the consoles came into play.


Most of the “fixes” they release are like “Thralls should no longer unequip their weapons fighting near the doorways”. Focusing on changing extremely rare and situational bugs while simultaneously refusing to take responsibility for their own work - this is FUNCOM “programming” in a nutshell.


Totally agreed Zaphieon. We’ve been waiting a month for fixes. Six weeks if you count the two weeks before launch when they released this abysmal build. I can’t speak for others, but I’m not waiting much longer. I bought the game in early access and went through the growing pains only to have my excitement for the game dashed against the rocks in the ocean of Funcom’s ineptitude.
I can only imagine how angry the people who paid full price are. At least I got it at EA price. I agree with whoever said Funcom should start granting refunds. At the very least, don’t dare charge us for future DLC.
This is outrageous even in today’s climate of crap game developers releasing in early access to get cash and then, if a game gets a full release, it’s junk.
Sad…CE had such limitless potential. It’s shaping up to die before it’s time. Thanks Funcom.

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Despite having it since EA launch I wasnt here to talk much about how things went before Launch . But fixing a large amount of bugs is exactly the way to avoid the fix one thing to break another one paradox. Hotfixes are for simple issues or placeholders for real problems until real and time consuming fixes comes.

And really, you guys are complaining that is too much bug fixes coming? oO. Last week State of Decay 2 delivered a 20gb patch for fixes. lol

PC games can be patched frequently without much issue.

Console patches…they take more time. The patch has to be vetted ahd approved by the console providers, meaning there is at least a littke delay between when a patch is done and when the public sees it. Microsoft and Sony also don’t want developers to release a patch a week, so you tend to see larger patches at less frequent intervals.

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they can set 1 day a week aside for a patch day… like other LARGE companies have done.

and not this isn’t a complaint they are fixing to many… its about the time it will take them to fix… test and then deliver the fixed product doing it this way… AND your saying this is how they would break things NO… sorry they have broke things with every large patch they have released… they fix something in 1 patch then patch later and its been reverted as if their team members are all using different builds it makes no sense.

All depends on how things were implemented and dealt. Even quality of life fixes can mess everything depending on how it is done. Reckless fixing and bad structure is what provokes that kind of fix and break process. But as I said I’m new here and seems like you already experienced some bad things here already. Said that, for me is wait and hope you were wrong . =)

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