55 years old playing Conan


Hi everyone I am 55 years old and began playing Conan since march 2019 in one of my best official server. all my team left me alone in the clan. In the last 2 month I getting raids from 2 clans which they dont allaw me to build my base and looking after me thats why I am hiding for now :roll_eyes:.I need good players to join and helping me to build and raid them.
By the way I have good stuff and Black Ice and Black Blood tools
official Server #3117
Best Regards


There are older players like us out there. Good luck. Me I went back pve.


Did you try yelling at them to get off your lawn? Maybe throw a little in there about barbarian hippies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding. I can’t help you but you might think about mentioning exactly which server you’re talking about for those that can.


server name pls

I love PVP.

Good Luck!

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Be careful! Some players thrive on insiding others.

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You are right :+1: :100:

WOW nice to know that :heart_eyes:

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Are you on PC or XBOX? Totally looking for strong solo survivalist in our XB1 alpha clan. Plus we are a like minded aged crew over here.

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I am on PS4

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