5v5 Tourney/Skirmishes-TL7

Not sure why something like this hasn’t been set up in the past but I know there has been a ton of people on Omni side requesting to make something like this happen. All factions are welcome, it does not have to be a faction thing unless we get an amazing turnout from all the factions. The location will be at a nice little spot in Coast of Peace just near the grid. I want to hold the first event on Sunday May 24th at 12pm EST. Everyone from all sides complains about numbers on the daily so this is a very good/fair opportunity to come have fun and learn some proper pvp tactics/mechanics and flex your epeen if you want.

Rules will be super straight forward and simple:

1-Best of 5 matches is winner

2-No doubling up on professions, one profession per team.
-That also includes only one healer per team, doc or zazen.
-Healer is not required

3-All self buffed
-No osbs except what your team provides.
-No world buffs either.(12m/pred/db2) If both teams have world-buffs then it is fair game
-No perk resets in between matches.
-Must buff on site before matches begin to ensure fully self (prevent buffing and perking NR)
-2 fps only if agent on team
-No SBs

4-You can swap team comps before each match to encourage counter picks
-Team one picks first toon, then team 2, etc…

5-Each team will buff in separate areas next the to pvp arena we have picked, each area is out of LoS to help prevent pre-targets before match begins.


im down!

There has been 6v6 tournaments waaaaaay back, also a lot of 3v3 and 2v2 tournaments when the game was more active. Was always a fun experience to enter or just to watch :slight_smile:

There was an org battle in WTF (Will to Fight) ages ago, Ragnarok vs Storm? (not sure if it was Storm, I have the video at home so can check then). Good times!

Ok so we have decided to to Sunday the 24th since it does not conflict with any raids. We will do at 12pm EST which should be plenty early enough for all of our EU friends. If you are interested or have suggestions we are always down for some help.