6 Small, easy changes that will improve combat 10 fold

  1. Speed up stamina regen.
  • Not talking about when you run out of, nor how much you gain each “chunk” or regeneration, but the time it takes for a “chunk” of stamina to appear, right now I believe is almost 2 secs, that’s too long, slows combat too much.
  1. Reduce stamina cost of rolling.
  • Seriously, a roll is the most single action that uses the most stamina in the game; I don’t know why, and it doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow rolling, it takes the same ridiculous amount, you roll 3 times and your stamina is gone. Yes, I know server settings are a thing, but reducing stamina costs so rolling is viable, breaks the game a bit, since it reduces everything else, so you end up with rolls that use reasonable stamina, but then when you swing your weapon, it takes like a pixel of the stamina bar; that’s just a band-aid solution.
  1. "Tighten" enemies collision boxes.
  • I’m sure everyone has experienced it (specially with large enemies), the enemy is reeling for a big attack, you try to get in to do some dmg before the attack, and you swing at the air because of the giant cube of a collision the mob has. And don’t get me started on the Rhinos…
  1. Improve enemy attack hitboxes
  • Did you know that when a mammoth swings its head side to side, it can damage you up to its back legs? That’s some pretty forgiving attack hitbox for the big fella don’t you think? Attacks should only affect what they’re visible look like, nothing less, nothing more. #noMoreGhostDmg
  1. Enemy Stagger
  • AKA Poise from Darksouls. It’s only fair that if you get stagger for being hit, the eemies do so too. There’s some degree right now, but it’s not consistent; like with big cat type enemies, they stagger a bit, then all of a sudden they tank through the attacks. And no, making enemies stagger on each hit is not op, that’s what the stamina bar is there for, so you stop attacking and give the mob a chance to attack you.
    Of course this only applies to small to medium size enemies, the largest ones, such as dragons (full grown) shouldn’t stagger.
  1. No More Aimbot enemies
  • Have you ever been behind a boss enemy? Probably only when in a party, because if you’re solo, the enemy will be facing you at all times, and spin around at the speed of sound to make it so, very cheap.
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As much as I would personally love your items 1 and 2, it appears that PvPers feel that dodging is already too strong. And considering how heavy armor has very limited use now, making dodging even easier would widen the gap between a dodgy dodger and a heavy armor tank.

Back in Early Access a high Grit allowed you to dodge almost indefinitely, which made people complain that it made skilled players invincible. Again, from my purely personal perspective I’d be quite willing to reward skilled players for being skilled. But I’m not a PvPer so I can’t speak for them or how the game should work from their perspective.

“Poise” is also something that existed in Early Access. It was removed from the final version - I’m not sure why, maybe it didn’t work as it should’ve worked.

Well that would explain the staggering sekeletons in some neebs-gaming videos :smiley:

  1. Nobody would complain too much
  2. PLEASE CROM NOOOOOOO. It’s already a roll fest as is. Combined with (1) would be OP.
  3. Deserves a pass fo sho.
  4. Preach it brother!!
  5. Stagger, IMO, should be based on what weapon against what armor with a dash of attribute perks to make it interesting. Also, “chance to stagger” would be interesting.
  6. Perhaps a delay when switching or acquiring targets in a new direction.

Interesting suggestions. Thanks for the post!

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