60 GB Download to install this again?

Are there any plans to streamline this game?
I use to have ATT ADSL until the plug was pulled out here in the sticks and they have a basic monopoly save that of their competitor which is satellite internet (Hughes Net).
60 GB is huge and I know it’s comparable to other “new releases” in size …

But this has put a damper on my downloading this again mainly because I switched to Satellite Internet (yeah, bad move and I’m stuck for about two years with it) and I’ve got some “hard limits” holding me back.
On a per month basis, I’m allowed 30 GB during peak hours and 50 GB off peak hours (after 2am).

Or am I screwed for the next two years …

Sounds like you got a Granite update which can happen if the UE 4 assets are not up to date. They can be larger than the normal download for a new install. I have had that happen a couple of times.

That is extremely unfortunate. Dare I say try contacting your internet provider and asking if they can make a one time accommodation? If you can’t afford a higher internet speed, but are contracted for 2 years just try having a truthful, human conversation with them. They are people too, sometimes they are willing to work with you, or bend the rules. Don’t give up with the first call either, call back a day or so later (hope for a different person)

Shouldn’t take 2 months to download a game this day in age.

Also, I had satellite for two years “out in the country”. They claimed I could get it, but just barely (something to do with distance from tower (NOT SATELLITE) lol

Regardless, for two years my youtube would buffer for 1 minute, play for 30 seconds, buffer for 1 minute.

I literally (for two years) loaded a video I wanted to watch, walked out of the room, and came back 15-20 minutes later to try and watch it without interruption.

Well, thanks for your replies.
The only way I might be able to pull this off is an off peak download that will suck up the 50GB allowance and let the peak allowance suck up the rest. That will at least leave me with 20GB remaining for the month.
I have to forego any online game-time since satellite internet is heavy in latency with a minimum of 500ms on the best clear day or night. It will have to be limited to single player.

Shot in the dark, could you maybe head over to a friends house in the city or something and download the game there? You can move Steam installs around, I never tried with Conan, but technically (again I have never tried this) I think it would be possible to install it to a portable hard drive, head on home, transfer everything over to it’s proper install folder, and then Steam fixes up the rest like a typical Steam folder install location transfer. Or maybe even snail mail the hard drive to a friend and do it that way? I don’t know, just trying to think outside the box a little.

I can confirm this will work. I’ve done it myself (in fact transferring my CE install onto my main SSD provided a nice performance bump which I’ve written about earlier).

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