60 lvl bullying new players

Greetings, my friends and I decided to start our journey in Konan from the PvE-K server, after wandering around the map we finally decided to build a base, as soon as we finished the house, a level 60 player comes to us every evening and does not let us out, stalking and making it difficult to build, unfortunately we start playing when pvp starts on the server, so i’m wondering if this is normal or not? We tried to communicate with him, but without success …


Unfortunately, PVP always attracts schoolyard bullies. This isn’t a problem just in Conan Exiles, but in every PVP game ever. The idea of a fair competition and a sportsmanlike spirit cannot be hard-coded into a game’s rules.


Some people have no honor. Nothing you can do about that.

Might be a chance for some fun though.
If it were me I’d put all my stuff in a box and go out in the nude and smack him with a stone sword. Better yet I’d fill my inventory with rotton flesh or some other loot no one wants.
He’ll get board of it soon enough when he realises that your having more fun than him.


Heh, reminds me of the good old days in Runescape where we’d wander into the Wilderness with three good items (you’d keep your three most valuable items when you died unless you initiated a PVP fight) and a backpack full of buckets (or buckets of camel dung if you were really dedicated) and then wandered into the PVP zone where there was always someone looking for easy prey. The PVPer saw the three good items we were wearing, thought we were carrying something worth stealing, killed us - and got a pile of poo for a reward.


HonkyLips has a great idea :smiley:
If it does get really unpleasant in there then swap to another server. Whilst on Official servers, and some private ones, there will always be people with issues or low self esteem that need to try online bullying (happens on all survival games).
Good Luck!
PS: I really like that suggestion by HonkyLips - am still chuckling. There’s a good chance that the 60-lvl will then grief and damage your base, but that’s how it goes.
PPS: Of course, if there’s PvP, if you manage to get on when the player’s not on, there’s nothing stopping you from counter-raiding their base :sweat_smile: (and then running away to another place on the map

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Your just another notch waiting to happen

Nope, nothing you can do. I mean you can draw the conclusion that this kind of asshattery is not for you, and play PvE instead. That’s what I myself did. You can also try to find a private server with rules that match your preferences, but that has its own share of problems. As does PvE officials. Really, any servertype comes with pros and cons. It’s all about finding the type where the pros outweigh the cons. For me this turns out to be online, PvE, officials. For others it might be singleplayer with admin rights, or offline but no admin, or coop, or private PvP or anything in between.

I actually started out on PvP as I believed - and I kinda still do - that in an ideal world, this game works best as a PvP game. Unfortunately, this world is far from ideal, and PvP involves other players. A significant portion of those will have a different idea of what constitutes fun - and if they’re better than you, or have more online friends than you, or just play more often, they can enforce their idea of fun on you. Which is, er, no fun at all.

ty for thoughts guys, do you think it is worth trying to fight lvl 60 with 2 thousand hours in the game,with two 50 and 30 or wait til lvl 60,I mean, is it possible to realize numerical superiority in such a situation?

No. He’s probably good enough to take you both on at once, and by trying to fight back you’re giving him what he wants.

It’s not so much the difference in levels but the difference in experience. He knows how to fight other players. Unless you two are able to coordinate very well, it’s more likely that you’d get in each other’s way or end up hitting each other. If you try fighting an NPC with a friendly thrall you’ll see what I mean.

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Any chance you can shoot at him from inside your base? I mean if you have a roof with anticlimb that he can’t get to and places to hide behind, you can hit him without much risk. Even if you do die, if he can’t get to your body, he can’t loot your stuff.

Wear good heavy armor and sand mask (to protect against orbs/poison arrows), and even consider investing in some orbs or poison/ explosive arrows if you have the materials to give him an extra surprise.

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