+60 lvls for higher level Knowledge

When I farmed fragments I did it to unlock recipes not gain knowledge.
wait, that doesn’t sound right :thinking:

Still believe level cap should be raised to 80.

Me too. Those frags should be for getting recipes you couldn’t get any other way, not to get a fraction more of feats you already have access to.

Or they could serve both purposes, like they do now. I still see no reason to fiddle with something that encourages players to learn more about several aspects of the game just because it was unbalanced on a 5x server.


5X, 1, .5X Makes no difference. My opinion the limited knowledge points was a way to force roles on players. As in your options were to be the blacksmith, armorer, builder or decorator. People revolted so funcom handed us a work around. Now you can be a black smith today drink a potion be a brick layer tomorrow. Or give up knowledge on how to make iron weapons to make hardened steel, then give up steel for starmetal. Because you know far more people respec then hunt fragments.

So just what problems would setting the level cap to 80 present?

I mean… we could petition for the introduction of a servant NPC that brings you the fragments of power along with some nice fresh water… hmm maybe even wine and a warm meal, on a silver platter, right to the base of the cross in the desert you were nailed to :slight_smile:

Sarcasm aside (cuz no, I really wasn’t serious about the waiter… seriously!!!) you bought a package deal… While at times you may wish you could skip parts of the game, that does not mean it would actually result in a good game for everybody else if those parts were indeed skippable.

I think you are overstating the importance of this issue as a whole… It’s really not an issue imo, but if you simply wanted more feat points… why not ask for more feat points?.. Like… why overcomplicate it? We don’t need to be level 100 for more feat points… ask them to give 1 more point per level for the 60 levels already in the game… then you get 60 more points… job done!

Also typically you’ll have enough points to spare for most things you want / need because once hitting max level and drinking a reset potion you can save a ton of points… you don’t need to know how to make all the unique iron or steel weapons if you can directly unlock the star metal equivalents for example… etc etc… so you get a bunch of points back you spent early on to spend it on new stuff.

Idk about that… the last time I went to farm Crom swords in UC I ended up getting enough fragments to unlock every single existing feat in the game minus the low level unique weapons that I had no need of

Doh… exactly what I’m talking about… If you really need to get a studded iron mace at level 60, then you have a way of resetting your points and obtaining it or whacking some helpless NPC on the head and looting it from them… The thing is… 99% of the player population do NOT have a need for such a feat at max level…

Not necessarily problems, it would simply be pointless and artificially inflate progression… Speaking of… even on the 1x rate servers it’s already pretty fast… not to mention 5x.

Yesterday I made a post in the share your shelter part with the house I built, if anyone clicked on that video they would notice that I’m building a T3 home, but I’m still level 50… with steel tools now why is that? It’s because the server I’m on is currently set to 0.1x rate. And no, you don’t level too fast there :slight_smile:

Anyway, bottom line is… if you want more feat points and that’s your only motivation… simply ask for more feat points and if the devs agree they’ll probably implement it… if they don’t they won’t… you’re limiting your own chances of this going through by complicating it with massive game-changing aspects like additional levels.

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I meant the potions were the work around, not the fragments.

When the game first started; which apparently you missed, there were no fragments or potions. Once points were spent they were gone and you could not get more.

You have no clue what 99% of the population does.

I play long term. I’m a builder. I play till I have done everything in game and since I try to be a tier above my enemies. I put the environment farming in to grinding. Even on vanilla I haven’t made it too north of the spillway before maxing out and feel like I’m stagnating. Oh I’m continuing to amass EXP, I’m continuing to finish journey steps, but there’s no sense of accomplishments for me.

And how is asking for a higher level cap not the same as asking for more knowledge points? Hell I’d be happy with 1 more point as a bonus every 5 levels. Something.

That’s me testing the Hyena armor and the Dye system when they were added to the game in 2017 March / April and I’ve been playing for a while even before that, so no, I did not “miss” when the game was first started.
And also, even in early access you could make yellow lotus potions by putting 10 lotus flowers in a cauldron, without having a ‘recipe’ to click or an alchemy bench to speak of…

While most of the times I dare not assume what they would… in this instance thou I am sure enough to state that and I think it reflects reality quite well… or would you prefer we do a poll?.. How many players here craft studded iron maces at level 60? or have even once done so?
And yes even in Early access once you got to the ancient khopesh which was the top tier weapon of the time, you had pretty much zero use for a simple iron mace… so it’s a really no brainer of an assumption that I dared make above.

Okay? I’m not sure how any of that is related to having more levels.

Again… that’s a totally different thing… what you’re essentially saying is that you find this game boring… nothing wrong with that, not every game has to appeal to every person. Do something that does give you a sense of accomplishment, no?

Because it’s not, it’s unnecessarily complicating things and bundling separate things that simply don’t need to be bundled…

A lot of times people on these forums make the exact same mistake… They try to come up with really bright ideas and think they suddenly figured out the holy grail of solutions, when it’s not… and often times is very ignorant in certain ways or could cause more issues than it solves.

The reason for this most of the time is because they personally want something… but to try to avoid simply making a request and appearing “selfish” in that way, so instead they construct some elaborate “fillers” around it so they can present it as this really cool idea that everyone would benefit from, even thou the whole purpose is that it secretly contains their small personal wish, but this way they can try to convince everyone else how they didn’t know they needed this until now.
It’s just unnecessary… want more feat points and that’s all you want?.. Ask for more feat points…

Btw don’t take this the wrong way, I am not opposed to adding more levels… but if they do then they shouldn’t be these “meaningless” filler levels just to provide feat points… instead we should have complete new content, new enemies, new tiers of weapons, new everything that comes with leveling up. You get what I mean?.. I simply don’t think it’s required to change TWO things in order to accomplish a single thing, it’s redundant to get levels just for the sake of getting feat points when you could just get feat points… I hope that makes sense.



I bet it hurts when you fall off that horse.

Yes, I named him “Common Sense”, but he is indeed a bit clumsy and trips quite often when reading these forums :slight_smile: I’ll try not to break my back thou


This is gold.

It has a long term gameplay loop. PvP

PvE is only half a game.

You level up, increase knowledge (collect fragments), gather recipes, build a keep, level followers, and then either delve into RP or continue to build bigger and gather more followers.

In PvP the loop is an endless ebb and flow of build, attack/defend, win/lose, rebuild/repeat. You still do all the same things as PvE players, you level up, increase knowledge (collect fragments), gather recipes, build a keep, level followers, you can even delve into RP or build bigger (if you dare) and gather more followers, but instead of the game tapering off you have the endless pvp loop of attack/defend, build/rebuild.

Codemage is right. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel because people have nothing to do after playing on an X5 server. The game at X1 is perfectly fine for most PvE players, those who aren’t satisfied generally end up delving in mods and RP or decide to give PvP a try.

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PvP is it’s own thing. I agree, it’s generally an end-game type of play. I disagree that it’s “the” end game loop. Conan Exiles is missing a lot of stuff, I won’t re-hash because there have been hundreds of topics and mods created to address the shortcomings. Hopefully one day Funcom (maybe after the BP launches) will add more stuff to this otherwise nice game.

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not useful, interesting, or a solution to anything.

Exactly! 100-Small

tbh, i just go with the frag * 10. the extra 10nisnt worth the 40th petrified egg recipe. Even that way, it take onlyb3 orn4 good runs to open up all the endgame armor, weapons (epic) and anythingbelse. after that i occasionally open up lower tiered stuff until 1 day i am like oh wow, all recipes.

My norm is power level, then at 60 respec all feats and only open up thebtrees that i need for epic stuff. After that, is when i do the skittles eating.

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1000% agree.

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I’d go for something like bosses dropping an item that you can collect say 5 or 10 of them to create something that you can apply to legendaries to increase one of their stats by 0.2% or something, with a cap on how much you can improve each legendary. I would grind for that.

The half I’ll never miss. :stuck_out_tongue:

I propose adding 1 more knowledge point every 5 levels. This would only give you 12 more points which would only unlock maybe 2 high tier recipes{?}. Or a bunch of cosmetic ones. :sweat_smile:
Replace all those useless language scrolls in fragment boxs with actual fragments.

Add a page of knowledge to all single skull enemies, maybe 50 pages unlocks a knowledge tome granting you 1 knowledge point.

If those language scrolls become important to game play add them to sorcerer, alchemist, and priest drops.

“Just a thought” Beau.

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I really wish we could convert N feat scrolls into 1 fragment.


I don’t feel any need for more levels (and stat points): it’s cool that you have to choose and can’t have anything. It doesn’t have any sense speaking of “builds” if you can have every stat maxed out.

That said:

  1. we have to see what would come in Age of Sorcery.
  2. I won’t e against an increase of the level cap, if that is well planned and balanced.
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