6154 Regularly crashing

For the past 3 days there have been consistent lag spikes when the maelstrom arrives, often resulting in the entire server crashing and disconnecting.

Stats from one event that did not result in a crash.

The ping rises to 1020
AI: 403, 134, 100, 5850
Placeables: 952, 437, 431, 4669
Buildings: 200, 70, 65, 654
23 player(s)
Server FPS: 3

During these times, there are multiple players with the name “123” and one with “,” as their names.


Have not been able to determine the exact cause or involved players due to crashing and sever lag. Investigation would be appreciated.

Thank you.

They are probably cheesing the maelstrom …the more players sit in the middle and let mobs attack, the more it intensifies and causes server lag if not crash. 1x Player can do it without perf noticeable…10 players will crash a server.


The server crashed after this specific player logged in. this was not during the maelstrom, nor was there any indication of the server lagging, just a sudden crash.



Edit: Immediately after the crash, all resources in the field respawned. Current suspicion is that these crashes are being used intentionally to farm resources.

Edit #2: It occurred again about 10 minutes later, shortly after the same player, 123#78339 logged in. I’d post screenshots as proof, but am not able to upload images yet.

Edit #3 Once again, 20 minutes after the previous one, this time the player is 123#91605. This is either to respawn resources or is a duplication glitch being forced.

Hey Red,

I’m on the server as well - please send any report to @community in a DM. It helps move things along. I’ve already recorded a vid from a couple days ago and DM’d them and got a response, and have some of the crashes on record as well for reporting purposes. More people we can get reporting, the better. Hopefully this’ll move a fix up the flagpole. Pretty sure it’s the maelstrom, or people cheesing it, but 2 crashes happened when there were no ping or sfps issues too, so not sure what that’s about.

Thanks for the help.

Hey Biggins,

Thanks for responding. Given how the sudden glitches appear to respawn resources, this is either for farming or some sort of duplication glitch being forced. I’ve sent a report and keeping a record as well. Hopefully this can be addressed soon.

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